How do you use raydium on solana

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How To Use Raydium to Buy Any Solana Project (Serum, Saber, FTX Token, Bonfida, and More)


This is video, I discuss how to use the decentralized exchange Raydium for beginners. ✨Links Mentioned During Video✨ ► Raydium: 🤍 ► Phantom Wallet: 🤍 ► FTX US (Get Discounted Trading Fees): 🤍 ► FTX OUS (Get Discounted Trading Fees): 🤍 ► Ledger - How I Protect My Crypto: 🤍 💧rareliquid💧 ► Join the rareliquid community: 🤍 ► My free daily investing newsletter: 🤍 ► rareliquid careers channel: 🤍 🚀Crypto Tools🚀 ► MEXC - $25 BTC for FREE + 10% trading fee discount: 🤍 ► Alto IRA - Open a crypto IRA & Get $50 for FREE: 🤍 ► Koinly - What I use for crypto taxes: 🤍 ► Ledger - How I protect my crypto: 🤍 🧑‍🎓Career Resources👩‍🎓 ► Buy my Resume and Cover Letter Guide: 🤍 ► Wall Street Prep (Use code RARELIQUID for 20% OFF!): 🤍 ► Books I Recommend: 🤍 ► Audible 30 Day Free Trial: 🤍 ⏱Timestamps⏱ 0:44 - Step 1: Buy Solana 1:11 - Step 2: Create Phantom Wallet 2:01 - Step 3: Send Solana to Phantom Wallet 2:48 - Step 4: Go on Raydium and Connect Phantom Wallet 3:11 - Step 5: Sell Solana for USDC 4:02 - Step 6: Buy Your Desired Crypto Asset 🎥My Other Videos🎥 Why Solana is the BEST Crypto Investment of 2021: 🤍 Solana Deep Dive Analysis: 🤍 Ethereum 1.0 and 2.0 Explained: 🤍 3 Best Altcoins to Buy (2021): 🤍 5 Reasons Ethereum Is Rising: 🤍 Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: 🤍 📱Follow Me📱 ► Investing Instagram: 🤍 ► Personal Instagram: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► TikTok: 🤍 ► Twitch: 🤍 ► LinkedIn: 🤍 ► Business Inquiries: ben🤍 🔎Disclaimer🔎 All content in this video is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a professional financial advisor and my statements are not to be taken as instructions or directions. In addition, some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning that at NO additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

How to use Raydium Swap | Solana DEX


In this video I will show you how to use Raydium swap and where to purchase sol token to use on Raydium dex. Phantop wallet - 🤍 PERSONAL GEAR New Main Camera - 🤍 Old Main Camera - 🤍 Top view camera - 🤍 JOBY GorillaPod - 🤍 Portable Handheld Recorder - 🤍 Sony ECMCS3 Clip Style Mic - 🤍 Blue Yeti - 🤍 Ring Light - 🤍 4k Asus Monitor - 🤍 Video Camera Tripod - 🤍 HDMI Capture Card - 🤍 _ #swap #Crypto #Raydium You can support my channel by donating crypto, or use my affiliated link to KuCoin or coinbase exchange, every donation is appreciated. Thank you!!! Coin Base - 🤍 KuCoin - 🤍 BTC: bc1qnznzmhmuvxpehlm30u9r7p79zlgyltvtjm0v4h ETH: 0x0371cbD420ba1B31E325e3714e9AEf5adEa105F0 ADA: addr1q8vau4cyxudq699y86kfgwcama9c5fma2j97m3255005udxemetsgdc6p522g04vjsa3mh6t3gnh64ytahz4fg7lfc6qw0hykl USDT: 0x0371cbD420ba1B31E325e3714e9AEf5adEa105F0 XRP: rJPReg5mE9AhML6Y9z5T4PSpA6ja5sAbq6 USDC: 0x0371cbD420ba1B31E325e3714e9AEf5adEa105F0 XLM: GAZCXZLKN4NBP34LLTX647NDHQSQ2VBZN7AN6UAVXGIL3NDBPN4KBXHG VET: 0x375A202F95eFA0a1cD2dd9d7aDD64E08E521b152 DOGE: DC4UKfJz63n6Jw5SGSdWKmnJ1xytB9NELR SOL: 8ccqa6StBYadSUkajvQsScdZH2VQfaYbnjfysFJywVsV

HOW TO USE RAYDIUM | Grapes Solana Alpha #12 | A Simple Guide !


Raydium is a leading Decentralised exchange on Solana. This is a beginners guide on how to use Raydium. Grape’s Solana Alpha is brought to you by the grape community and everyone who cares about the improvement & adoption of Solana. We cover all things Solana, especially things that give us an edge! Tutorials New Platforms New DEXs New Games & Much More! Join grape on discord 🤍 Find me on 🤍 🤍 Timestamps: 00:00 Start 00:26 Intro 01:27 What is Raydium 02:41 How to use the swap feature 07:03 How to provide liquidity (LP) 09:54 How to Earn rewards for providing liquidity ( Farming) 12:17 How to stake 13:38 Launchpad/ Accelerator 14:54 How to participate in NFTs 16:04 Intermediate Trading interface 18:41 Thanks for watching! Disclaimer: I am a community content creator on Grape & I love Solana. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. If you like the content and would like to help, just like the video, that’s it ;) Wax Wam address- 2kraw.wam Solana domain- amawithme.sol Below are some referral links if you are ever interested in purchasing any crypto. FTX Blockfolio Trade Bitcoin, Doge, and other crypto with zero fees on FTX. Use my referral code and get a free coin when you trade $10 worth. 🤍 FTX International 🤍 Celsius Join Celsius Network using my referral code 1755876605 when signing up and earn $50 in BTC with your first transfer of $400 or more! 🤍

Solana Defi Tutorial: Earn Triple Digit Crypto Yields on Raydium


Solana Defi Tutorial: Earn Triple Digit Crypto Yields on Raydium 🤑 PHEMEX 10% OFF & $3,600 FREE ►► 🤍 🔥 RECEIVE MY FREE INVESTMENT REPORT EVERY WEEK ►► 🤍 Phantom Wallet 🤍 Raydium 🤍 Wormhole 🤍 0:00 Today in Solana 4:57 Raydium Tutorial 💰 BINANCE BEST EXCHANGE FOR BUYING & TRADING CRYPTO 👉 10% OFF FEES & $700 BONUS ►► 🤍 💱 BITCOIN FUTURES EXCHANGE - $600 FREE 👉 BYBIT ►► 🤍 💰 CELSIUS EARN 6.2% ON BTC & $50 FREE BTC ►► 🤍 (Sign up via mobile app) Promo Code LARK or Referral Code 1825690ce9 🤑 BEST BTC FUTURES TRADING 10% OFF FEES $1,200 SIGN UP BONUS 👉 PHEMEX ►► 🤍 🐙 USA #1 EXCHANGE TO BUY AND SELL CRYPTO 👉 BUY BITCOIN ON KRAKEN ►► 🤍 🤖 NFT DOMAIN NAMES - THE HOTTEST NFTS ON THE MARKET 👉 BUY ON UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS ►► 🤍 🤵 NUMBER ONE BROKER - PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL WEALTH MANAGEMENT 👉 CALEB & BROWN - 30% OFF ►► 🤍 👀 BITCOIN BACK REWARDS CREDIT CARD AND $250 FREE BTC LENDING 👉 BLOCKFI ►► 🤍 Subscribe for more great crypto videos 🤍 ESSENTIAL VIEWING Security Tips 🤍 Take Profits 🤍 Binance Tutorial 🤍 Watch more great crypto videos on this playlist 🤍 Disclaimer Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice - please do your own research before risking your own money. Lark Davis (The Crypto Lark) is not providing you individually tailored investment advice. Nor is The Crypto Lark registered to provide investment advice, is not a financial adviser, and is not a broker-dealer. The material provided is for educational purposes only. The Crypto Lark is not responsible for any gains or losses that result from your cryptocurrency investments. Investing in cryptocurrency involves a high degree of risk and should be considered only by persons who can afford to sustain a loss of their entire investment. Investors should consult their financial adviser before investing in cryptocurrency.

How To Use Solana? (Sollet, Serum, Raydium, Explorer and more)


Solana is a superfast blockchain, which may be the first scaleable layer 1 blockchain solution out in the market, with up to 65,000 transactions per second. Its ecosystem is brand new and is just getting started. This video gives a brief introduction on how you can get started in the Solana ecosystem. Hope you learned something new! Do consider Liking and Subscribing for more Crypto-related content. Thanks for watching! Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:33 Topics list 01:24 Creating a wallet 03:10 Serum 05:45 Raydium 06:12 Mango Market 07:16 Explorer 09:30 New Projects and Token 11:20 Outro Don't Forget To 👍! Previous Videos: ►Dextools Tutorial: 🤍 ►Etherscan: 🤍 ►🤍 Follow me on: ►Twitter: 🤍 External Links ►Wallet: 🤍 ►Solana beach: 🤍 ►Serum Dex: 🤍 ►Raydium: 🤍 ►Mango Market: 🤍s/ ►Solstarter: 🤍 ►Step finance: 🤍e/ ►Orca: 🤍 ►Hedgehog: 🤍s/#/

What is Raydium RAY | How to use Raydium | Solana DeFi Protocol


Tutorial on how to use Solana (SOL) DeFi protocol named Raydium (RAY) which has a decentralized exchanging, liquidity providing facility, yield farming and also NFTs. Video in Hindi. Raydium (RAY) on Solana (SOL) 00:00 How to Swap on Raydium 01:56 Serum Exchange 05:22 How to provide liquidity in Raydium Pools 06:18 How to yield farm on Raydium 11:20 How to stake RAY on Raydium 12:37 New Solana Projects on Raydium (AcceleRaytor) 13:27 Solana NFT on Raydium 14:28 ★ Raydium: 🤍 ★ Uniswap and AMM explanation: 🤍 Indian Cryptocurrency Exchange that we use ● WazirX: 🤍 ● CoinDCX: 🤍 International Crypto Exchange that we use ● FTX: 🤍 ● Binance: 🤍 ★ Telegram Channel (🤍EarnLearns): 🤍 Disclaimer: This video/channel is only for entertainment and education purposes. Nothing told, shown or shared here are recommendations. Please don't consider it as financial advice. #Solana #Raydium #RAY

Raydium | Solana | Tutorial | Exploring Raydium, How to swap & Provide liquidity. MetaVerse Explorer


Hello Explorers!! Thanks for your support once again! My videos are getting better every time haha! This episode is a beginners/introductory guide on RAYDIUM, the best AMM style DEX on Solana. You can compare it to Uniswap for etheruem and Pancakeswap for BSC. Intermediate and advanced videos will follow. So, what is Raydium? Raydium is an automated market maker (AMM) built on the Solana blockchain which leverages the central order book of the Serum decentralized exchange (DEX) to enable lightning-fast trades, shared liquidity and new features for earning yield. Why is Raydium different? Other AMM DEXs and DeFi protocols are only able to access liquidity within their own pools and have no access to a central order book. Additionally, with the majority of platforms running on Ethereum, transactions are slow and gas fees are high. Thanks for watching with ME and all your support! The MetaVerse Explorer’s aim is to explore the world of crypto gaming, give you short clips on trending topics. Next two videos- 1. 15 min interview with Fadz (GM of Rfox games) 2. Star Atlas Introduction and IDO. Some links for you 🤍 🤍 If you like my content and would like to help, just like the video, that’s it  Wax Wam address- 2kraw.wam Solana domain- itsme.sol Below are some referral links if you are ever interested in purchasing any crypto. FTX Blockfolio Trade Bitcoin, Doge, and other crypto with zero fees on FTX. Use my referral code and get a free coin when you trade $10 worth. 🤍 FTX International 🤍 Celsius Join Celsius Network using my referral code 1755876605 when signing up and earn $50 in BTC with your first transfer of $400 or more! #UnbankYourself 🤍

Beginners Guide to Farming Raydium on Solana


Hello curious people. This tutorial is meant to be basic on farming Raydium (a cryptocurrency), but it is in the beginner to intermediate range of crypto ability. My goal is to make things super simple as, for most, crypto is too difficult currently. For those who find this too basic, just skip ahead to where you need to go. Resources: Solana + Raydium Farming Compound Interest Calculator Spreadsheet 🤍 Website to convert interest (APR – Annual Percentage Rate) to Compound Interest (APY – Annual Percentage Yield) 🤍 Sino Global Capital Twitter threads thread 🤍 Solana thread: 🤍 Note: no threads on Raydium Solana website: 🤍 Solana Wallet: 🤍 Raydium: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Twitter Accounts: Solana: 🤍 Raydium: 🤍 Sam Bankman-Fried: 🤍 Sino Global Capital: 🤍 Solanians (Community Account) 🤍 Exchanges Basic: 🤍 Intermediate: 🤍 Intermediate to Advanced (But the best hands down) 🤍 of for US citizens Words to Understand: Farming: in crypto, this is like normal farming. Plant seeds and harvest the fruits of your seeds. You deposit coins, with the intention to harvest more coins than deposited. Defi : decentralized finance. A way to earn an interest on your assets without going to a bank, instead trusting yourself, your research and a protocol built with computer code./ Impermanent Loss (IL): a temporary loss of funds, compared to just holding them in your crypto wallet, due to price movement of the coins. E.g. you provide Solana and Raydium. Raydium price goes up, and Solana price stays the same. You start with 50 Raydium and 25 Solana. You end up with less Raydium and more Solana as there was more demand for Raydium. Personally, I don’t worry about IL when in Liquidity Pools with high returns of APR over 100% Liquidity Provider: Someone who provides crypto tokens to a platform, like Raydium, that is provided for people to buy and sell the tokens you provided. Contact: reach me on Twitter: 🤍 Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This is an educational tutorial. Always DYOR (Do Your Own Research) and ensure you learn the pros, cons, risks, and rewards, before you put your hard-earned money to work.

Setting up SOLANA staking and RAYDIUM Yield Farming - Another DeFi Walkthrough using PHANTOM wallet


Easily set up Solana staking on Phantom Wallet and Yield Farming on the Raydium DEX. I walk you through all the steps required to start generating passive income. Whole process takes probably 10 minutes. - All the gear I used to film this episode are included here on 🤍 I would recommend a real exchange to purchase cryptocurrencies, like Coinbase, Gemini, or Binance.US: If you haven't signed up for Coinbase yet, you can do that here: 🤍 Gemini (we both earn free crypto tokens): 🤍 Binance.US: 🤍 If you’re interested in joining BlockFi and earning interest rates on your crypto, use my referral link below and we’ll both earn some free crypto: 🤍 None of this is Financial Advice. I am not a financial professional. Purchase Crypto or any other assets after doing your own research and at your own risk. I am not liable for any possible losses you may incur after watching this video. The materials shown in this video is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Andrei Jikh: 🤍 Graham Stephan: 🤍

Using Solana & Finding GEMS!! Complete Guide 💎


📲 Insider Info in my Socials 👉 🤍 🇺🇸 Get 1st $30 In Fees For FREE 👉 🤍 🌎 Get 1st $30 In Fees For FREE 👉 🤍 👕 "Bitcoin Believe" Shirt 👉 🤍 🔥 TOP Crypto TIPS In My Newsletter 👉 🤍 ~~~~~ 📺Essential Videos📺 How Solana Works 👉 🤍 Solana Updates 👉 🤍 FTX US Tutorial 👉 🤍 FTX Global Tutorial 👉 🤍 Finding 100x Token Sales 👉 🤍 How To Research Cryptocurrencies 👉 🤍 ~~~~~ - TIMESTAMPS - 0:00 Intro 2:30 Solana Recap 5:29 How To Set Up Browser Extension 6:43 How To Add Funds 8:21 Solana Raydium DEX Tutorial 11:31 Where To Find New Projects 15:01 Solana NFTs 17:24 Outro ~~~~~ ⛓️ 🔗 Useful Links 🔗 ⛓️ ► Solana Explained In Detail: 🤍 ► Solana Phantom Browser Wallet Extension Download: 🤍 ► Raydium DEX: 🤍 ► Solana Beach For Missing Tokens: 🤍 ► FTX IEOs: 🤍 ► Raydium Accelerator IDOs: 🤍 ► Solanium IDOs: 🤍 ► Solanart NFT Marketplace: 🤍 ► FTX NFT Marketplace: 🤍 ► FTX NFTs Explained: 🤍 ► Solana NFT Creator: 🤍 ~~~~~ 👨‍🏫Solana Recap👨‍🏫 Solana was built by Solana Labs, a software company based in San Diego, Caligornia which raised over 25 million dollars between multiple sales of the SOL coin in 2019 and 2020 Like most cryptocurrency projects, Solana is owned, operated, and overseen by the Solana Foundation, a non-profit based in Switzerland which commissions Solana Labs to maintain the Solana blockchain In contrast to most cryptocurrency projects, Solana’s blockchain can process transactions at speeds comparable to traditional payment processors. Official figures range from 50 to 65 thousand TPS 👨‍💻How To Set Up Solana Browser Extension👨‍💻 When it comes to interacting with the Solana blockchain, the first step is to download a web wallet browser extension. Your best bet here is the Phantom web wallet which I’ll leave a link to in the video description 💰Adding SOL To Solana Browser Extension💰 The best place to buy SOL is the FTX US cryptocurrency exchange, and that’s because the Phantom web wallet can be connected directly to your FTX US account Note that this integration is not currently available for FTX global, though you should have no issues making an FTX US account even if you’re not based in the United States 💱Solana Raydium DEX Tutorial💱 The first dApp you should familiarize yourself with is a DeFi protocol called Raydium which acts as a sort of one stop shop for everything DeFi on Solana Raydium’s AMM DEX has been particularly popular, and it recently became one of the top DEXes in cryptocurrency by trading volume 🤑Where To Find New Solana Projects🤑 The first place you can find new Solana projects is the FTX Global exchange. FTX has hosted 9 initial exchange offerings so far, and almost all of these have been for projects building on Solana The second place you can find upcoming Solana projects, and that’s Raydium’s Accelerator launchpad. Raydium’s accelerator has hosted about half a dozen initial DEX offerings for Solana projects The third place you can catch Solana projects early is Solanium. If the name didn’t give it away, Solanium has a similar IDO process as Raydium, but the barriers to entry are a bit lower, at least for now 🖼Solana NFTs🖼 You can buy and sell pieces from Solana’s most popular NFT collections on Any NFTs you buy there should automatically show up in your Phantom wallet in the collectibles tab As it so happens, FTX recently released their own NFT marketplace which lets you buy, sell, and mint NFTs on both Solana and Ethereum Although you won’t be able to withdraw any NFTs you purchase to your Phantom wallet for the time being, FTX’s documentation suggests this will soon be possible Not only that, but you’ll even be able to deposit any Solana NFTs you bought elsewhere and put them up for sale on FTX’s NFT marketplace. ~~~~~ 📜 Disclaimer 📜 The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. #Solana #SOL #Guide #crypto #raydium #nfts #cryptocurrency

Raydium Tutorial 2022: Swap, Farm & Stake to Earn 25% APY


In this video, I take you through Raydium, the Automated Market Maker built on the Solana blockchain. I show you how to swap your tokens, add liquidity, Farm and stake your RAY tokens. ► FTX Exchange 5% of Trading Fees: 🤍 ► Ledger Nano Wallet: 🤍 ► For more information check out; 🤍 Timeline: 0:27 Raydium Overview 1:30 Raydium Walkthrough 1:39 Raydium Features 4:29 How to Swap with Raydium 5:24 How to Add Liquidity 6:14 How to Farm with Raydium 8:30 How to Stake RAY tokens ♥ Louise Elizabeth (Every Bit Helps) ♥ 📺 Subscribe: 🤍 🏦EXCHANGES🏦 ♦ Binance 20% Off Trading Fees & $50 Bonus: 🤍 ♦ Coinbase $10 BTC Sign-up Bonus: 🤍 ♦ +$25 Sign-up Bonus: 🤍 ♦ Gemini $10 BTC Sign-up Bonus: 🤍 ♦ FTX Exchange 5% of Trading Fees: 🤍 ♦ Huobi 20% Off Trading Fees & $170 Bonus: 🤍 🏦DEFI🏦 ♦ BlockFi Up to $250 Bonus: 🤍 ♦ Celsius Network Sign-up Bonus: 🤍 ♦ Nexo $10 Sign-up bonus: 🤍 ♦ Dharma & Use Referral Code NZPRJC to Earn $50 of ETH Bonus 🔐HARDWARE WALLET🔐 ♦ Ledger Nano Wallet: 🤍 ♦ Trezor Wallet: 🤍 ♦ Keevo Wallet:🤍 🔐ONLINE SECURITY🔐 ♦ Express VPN: 🤍 ♦ LastPass: 🤍 ♦ YubiKey: 🤍 🌍SOCIAL MEDIA🌍 ♦ Website: 🤍 ♦ Facebook: 🤍 ♦ Twitter: 🤍 ♦ Discord: Sign-up via 🤍 #Solana #Raydium #RaydiumReview DISCLAIMER: Some of the above links may be affiliate links, so if you click & purchase something, I could receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend companies and products I personally use, & any commissions help to pay for content creation. Thank you in advance This is not financial advice and these are simply my own opinions, as such, this should not be treated as explicit financial, trading, or otherwise investment advice. I always recommend you do your own research before making any type of investment.

Raydium Exchange [101] | شرح طريقة استخدام المنصة اللامركزية


#Solana #FTX #Raydium Raydium Exchange 101 شرح طريقة أستخدام المنصة اللامركزية شرح مبسط للمبتدئين This is video, I discuss how to use the decentralized exchange Raydium for beginners. ✨Links Mentioned During Video✨ ► Raydium: 🤍 ► Phantom Wallet: 🤍 ► FTX 🤍 🎥My Other Videos🎥 📱Follow Me📱 ► ► ► ► ► ► ► 🔎Disclaimer🔎 Phantom Phantom - A friendly Solana wallet built for DeFi & NFTs A crypto wallet reimagined for DeFi & NFTs

How to Yield Farm on SOLANA with Step by Step EASY 2021


This video explains how to yield farm on raydium, you can earn passive income and earn new crypto on the solana ecosystem! Links to all my social media + Discord: Business Email: cryptocomix 🤍 _ Referral links: 💸 Sign up for and get $25 💸 🤍 ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● 💸 Sign up for and get $25 💸 🤍 ●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● 💎 Join my Discord: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that the content of my media is my personal opinion and is intended FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY, not financial advice. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial, legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Purchasing cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker will not be held responsible for any losses or gains. Always do your own research and advise with a professional before making your own investments.

How to sell off Solana tokens on Raydium dex


Easy way to sell off Solana tokens on decentralized exchanges

How Do You Swap Coins on Raydium | Solana / $RAY Swap


#Raydium #RAY #solana Buy MERCH! 🤍 FTX Ref Link : 🤍 Today's Video shows how you can swap coins on top of the Solana Ecosystem using Raydium Swap. Chapters Intro 0:11 Ftx . US 0:52 2:38 4:39 Swap to USDC (from SOL) 6:55 Swap from USDC to KIN 7:55 Outro 9:42 🧙‍♂️ 🏄 Big Daddy Bitcoin, Your Daily Dose of Crypto. I overdose so You dont have to. Follow On Twitter your Mom's Favorite 🤍BitcoinOverdose 🔥 Donate BTC: 1N7BT9npE6nq9JavgizFtiNA7pUMWTK6Cp 🔥 Twitch.TV: /overdoseontwitch 🌊🌊 Referral Codes: Bybit: Yyvyp Coin Ex: g54ez 🦅🦅 🍺Join the Addicts Discord🔌 🔥 Add Friend: ₿.#4149 🦉🦉 #1 source of $BDE Most Importantly Buy Bitcoin and Shill

Raydium DEX Review & Guide


➜ Website - 🤍 Raydium is an automated market maker (AMM) and liquidity provider built on the #Solana blockchain for the Serum decentralized exchange (DEX). Unlike any other AMMs, Raydium provides on-chain liquidity to a central limit orderbook meaning that funds deposited into Raydium are converted into limit orders which sit on Serum’s orderbooks. This gives Raydium LPs access to all of Serum’s order flow as well as their existing liquidity. RAY is the native utility token used for: - Staking to earn protocol fees - Staking to receive IDO allocations - Governance votes on protocol decisions If you want to learn more about #DeFi and how to make money in #Crypto make sure to subscribe to the channel. - Join my lounges to hang out and talk about general crypto stuff! For Business, inquiries drop an email to Liteliger🤍 and ill get back to you in 48h ➜ Discord - 🤍 ➜ Telegram - 🤍

Raydium Solana DEX Complete Tutorial - What Is Raydium And Ray Token


Patreon: 🤍 BUSD Tip Jar: 0xFf3d275BB50bB677Ea1f117730B68Cf42651a60f Hi everyone, in this video we are going to speak about the Radium Exchange on the Solana Ecosystem and about the RAY token. Raydium is the biggest decentralized exchange on the Solana Ecosystem and an avenue for the evolution of DeFi. Raydium enables Swaps or Trades quickly and cheaply, yield earning through fees and yield farms, providing liquidity for any SPL token, and Launchpad for new Solana projects. We will also talk about the main features, which are as follows: Orderbook: Raydium allows market participants to transact using the liquidity provided by its pools. This function also allows users to exchange their tokens. It aims to service trading between less traded assets. Pool: liquidity providers can be rewarded for contributing to liquidity, and Key Pools will be incentivized with RAY tokens. Farm: pools that allow liquidity providers to generate RAY tokens as farming rewards and the trading fees contributed to the pool. Staking: if you're holding RAY tokens, staking is an easy way to earn additional RAY. AcceleRaytor: the launchpad for the projects to raise capital and provide initial liquidity in a decentralized and interoperable manner, allowing the project and Raydium communities to participate in carefully selected and vetted token offerings. ​​_ Related Videos: Serum Protocol Complete Guide: 🤍 Solana Phantom Complete Guide: 🤍 Bridge From Binance Smart Chain (BSC) To Solana: 🤍 _ _ Useful links: Raydium Main Website: 🤍 Ray Price and Market Stats: 🤍 Raydium NFT Marketplace 🤍 Raydium on Solana: 🤍 _ _ Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 00:40 What Is Raydium 02:25 Raydium DEX Features Overview 06:39 Ray Token Price Prediction 07:44 Outro And Summary _ _ ⚠️⚠️⚠️ #Ray #Raydium #Solana #Serum #Token #DEX #DEFI ⚠️⚠️⚠️ The content in any of Johnny's Youtube videos shall not be construed as tax, legal, insurance, construction, engineering, health & safety, electrical, financial advice, or other & may be outdated or inaccurate; it is your responsibility to verify all information. I do not provide personal investment advice and I am not a qualified licensed investment advisor. I am just sharing my knowledge and my findings. _ _ Social Media: Discord Community: 🤍e/discord Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 _ _ Music By Yoad Ronen: 🤍 _ Until next time, Johnny Time

Raydium Yield Farming Tutorial - Solana Defi


In this video, we’ll use Raydium, the Defi Automated Market Maker built on the Solana blockchain. You’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to swap your tokens, add liquidity, yield farm and earn passive income on the pair of USDC and Blockasset tokens. Timestamps: 0:00-0:25 – Intro 0:25-1:20 - Step 1: Swap on Raydium 1:20-2:33 - Step 2: Add Liquidity on Raydium 2:33-3:58 - Step 3: Yield Farm on Raydium 3:58-4:14 – Welcome to Solana Defi! Useful links: Raydium Exchange Swap: 🤍 Raydium Add Liquidity: 🤍 Raydium Farms: 🤍 Solana official website: 🤍 Blockasset official website: 🤍 Impermanent Loss Calculator: 🤍 Impermanent Loss Explanation: 🤍 Disclaimer: All of my videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person's opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. My videos ARE NOT financial advice. #Bitcoin #crypto #ethereum #Solana #Defi #NFT #Raydium #blockchain #invest #inflation

How to swap and provide liquidity on Raydium


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🟣 RAYDIUM - SOLANA Blockchain - Farming and Staking, NFT drops, AcceleRaytor (IDO) | Project guide.


In this video, you will learn about the Raydium platform on the Solana network, and how to exchange tokens on a Decentralized exchange (DEX) and trade on a decentralized stock exchange, provide liquidity and use farming pools, participate in IDO, NFT drops and RAY token staking. Video materials from the video: 📺 Guide to the Sollet wallet: 🤍 📺 Guide to the Phantom wallet: 🤍 📺 How to launch your own exchanger in the Solana blockchain: 🤍 📺 What is a impermanent loss: 🤍 Sites from videos: 🔸 Official website of Raydium: 🤍 🔸 Solana Blockchain explore: 🤍 Useful links: 🔸 Binance (20% discount on commission): 🤍 🔸 Technical guide - SOLANA playlist: 🤍 Social networks: 🔷 Crypton twitter: 🤍 🔷 Crypton instagram: 🤍 Timecodes: 00:00 - In this video 00:20 - Connecting to Raydium 00:56 - We exchange cryptocurrency 01:43 - We provide liquidity 03:03 - Token staking 03:17 - Cryptocurrency Trading 03:58 - AcceleRaytor (IDO - Launchpad) 04:27 - DropZone (NFT sale) 05:06 - Conclusion

Solana SOL Token - How To Connect Trade DEX - Phantom Wallet Serum Raydium SWAP


How To Use The Solana Blockchain Ecosystem - Raydium DEX - Serum Exchange - Phantom Wallet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Thank you all for watching. Subscribe for daily videos Become a member on Patreon. Get the latest scoop and various news early! 🤍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get $25 FREE 🤍 Easiest way to trade Stocks and Crypto in Canada Wealth Simple : 🤍 Get 10% Kickback on Fees Binance: 🤍 Watch This Video: How to Connect Trust Wallet DEX - Swap Exchange Pancakeswap etc... 🤍 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TimeCode 0:00 Intro 0:02 Solana SOL Token Price Prediction 0:56 Phantom Wallet Solana DEX Wallet 2:01 Serum Exchange Raydium DEX Solana Ecosystem ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Full Disclosure, I am not a Financial Adviser. I am not offering you financial advice. I do not have a financial background or financial degree. Everything said and discussed in this video in regards into the future and or price predictions are speculation based on daily news, market news and market cap evaluations. Please be safe when trading and investing. Do not purchase anything on fear or missing out due to anything I say. Please do your own due diligence and research. Keywords: #Solana #RaydiumDEX #PhantomWallet #Shibacash #ShibaMadness #ShibaCashToken #MissionX #XXXToken #ErthToken #ERTH #PancakeSwap #TrustWallet #ShibaMadnessToken #PooCoin #BinanceSmartChain #BinanceFinance #BlockChainFinance #VenusToken #VenusCoin #VenusDeFi #VenusXVS #IconBlockchain #IconICX #IconCoin #IconToken #IconBlockchainSouthKorea #ThePeoplesCoin #DogeCoin #ElonMusk #Doge #dogcoin #VeChain #Ecosystem #SupplyChain #LogisticsChain #DigitalYuan #Bitcoin #CoinBaseListing #CoinbaseGlobalIPO #Logistics #VeChainPartnerships #VeChainEcosystem #VeChainPartnerships #Saleforce #SupplyChain #Amazon #DHL #VTHOGas #BMW #RENAULT #WallmartChina #CryptoDotCom #HODL #Bitcoin #Crypto #CryptoCom #CRO #CROCoin #CROToken #Visa #USDC #Bitcoin #Cryptocom #Cryptodotcom #Decentralized #DecentralizedFinance #Finance #Difi #NFT #Stablecoin #Blockchain #Ethereum #Solana #Cosmos #Cardano #Polkadot #Theta #Enjin #VeChain #XRP #RIPPLE #kAVA #CryptoCurrency #SuperCharger #Staking #Coins #AltCoin #AltCoins #Gold #DigitalGold #DigitalAssets #LiteCoin #FileCoin #VeThor #Binance #MoneyLending #CryptoLending #Coinbase #FutureCoins #DigitalCoins #Satoshi #Hodl #Hodler #CoinHolder #TheMoon #CryptoExchange #Wealth #CryptoChannel #Rockets #WatchingRockets #Sagittarius #Taurus #Aries #Aquarius #Scorpio #Leo #Libra #Neptune #Mercury #Mars #Venus #Pluto #Saturn #Uranus #Jupiter #THEMOON #BuckleUP #LiftOFF #LetsGO

TUTO RAYDIUM : l'exchange decentralisé de SOLANA + participer à l'EIO STARATLAS


Comment utiliser Raydium, un wallet PHANTOM, faire du staking & participer à l'EIO staratlas. SITE KRYLL → 🤍 Article complet de présentation de la crypto Raydium et de ton token ray : 🤍 Raydium est un automated market maker (AMM) sur la blockchain solana mélangeant ses liquidités avec SOLANA et SERUM afin d'éviter le price impact et proposer un maximum de jetons avec des frais réduits. Télécharger wallet Phantom : 🤍 Article sur l'EIO Staratlas : 🤍 Tuto transférer ses crypto d'un exchange à un wallet : 🤍 Ques'ce que les impermanent loss dans la DeFi : 🤍 TIMECODE : 00:00 - Intro 03:00 - Installer wallet phantom 05:02 - Envoyer des solana sur phantom 06:37 - Ajouter jeton à Phantom wallet 07:18 - Swap Solana ver sphantom avec raydium 10:10 - Staking Raydium 11:30 - Participer à l'EIO Staratlas 14:47 - swap USDT vers RAY avec Kryll Playlist vulgarisation crypto avec Capet : 🤍 Tuto comment acheter du Kryll : 🤍 Le token Kryll (KRL) est disponible sur KuCoin, Liquid et Uniswap. 🚨 Inscrivez-vous sur Binance via ce lien et obtenez une réduction de -20% sur les frais de l'échange ! : 🤍 TWITTER → 🤍 TELEGRAM FR → 🤍 #crypto #gaming #staratlas #raydium

Raydium Accelerator Launchpad | How To Stake RAY | Solana Token Pre-Sales


Step-By-Step | How To Stake RAY Token And Access IDOs 🤍 I just got $200 in free tokens, and I was invited into the Blocto token pre-sale. Click the link above to check out our Airdrop Masterclass and learn how. * Swap SOL For RAY And Stake For IDO Access * Follow as I use my Phantom Solana Wallet to get access to Raydium Accelerator. First I swap some SOL for RAY on Raydium. Then I take those RAY tokens and stake them for Accelerator IDO access. Finally I check my deposit and see the APY in action. * End Raydium Accelerator Pre-Sale Review* * Time Codes * 0:00 Raydium Staking Tutorial 1:05 Free Airdrop Masterclass 1:55 Why I Am Staking RAY 2:37 Swap SOL For RAY 4:29 Staking RAY Tokens 5:00 Checking Staked Tokens 5:55 Comment, Like and Subscribe * Time Codes * FINANCIAL DISCLAIMER: Jason Moffatt and David Tatera created to help people with common questions about purchasing and owning crypto currencies. All information provided is general knowledge and for educational purposes only. It is definitely NOT investment advice. AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE: From time to time, Jason Moffatt & David Tatera David Tatera LLC and/or & will share links to exchanges and other crypto related websites that may contain affiliates links. Affiliate links are ways to track and attribute us as the original referrer and sometimes, we may be paid a commission for that referral.

币须HUSTLE | 如何在Raydium上挖矿赚取年化100%的被动收入|手把手DEFI入门教学|Solana链上的第一个DEX+IDO打新平台


电报交流群:🤍 Raydium官网:🤍 分享一些我目前使用的平台和服务: 数字货币交易所推荐 派网,免费的网格量化交易工具,功能强大 🤍 币安,全球最大交易所,通过下列链接注册获得10%手续费返佣 🤍 FTX交易所:数字货币衍生品交易所(量化交易,通过下方链接注册可获得5%手续费减免) 🤍 PAXFUL:可以用数字货币淘到很便宜的礼品卡,欧洲数字货币OTC网站 🤍?r=9eQKwMxGVQX 数字货币实用平台推荐 比特小鹿:比特大陆旗下的云挖矿平台(需要翻墙登录) 🤍 COINLIST(币圈最早的打新平台,能打到就是赚到) 🤍 海外投资必备= 华美银行,填写邀请码 YULO40180C01获20美金奖励 🤍

Solana DeFi Ecosystem (Serum, Raydium, Pyth Network)


My twitter: 🤍 Here is a brief overview of the Solana DeFi ecosystem with a focus on 3 core protocols (Serum, Raydium, Pyth Network). There are some VERY exciting things happening right now on Solana, so I thought it would be helpful to summarize some of the reasons Solana has a very promising future in Decentralized Finance. I cover 3 main points in this video: - Technological Advantages of the Solana Blockchain - Notable Investors/"Smart Money" - Foundational DeFi Projects on Solana (Serum, Raydium, Pyth Network) The slide deck with helpful links to more information: 🤍 Project Serum 🤍 Raydium 🤍 Pyth Network 🤍k/ Come Check out Moet! Moet Finance Website - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 Medium - 🤍 - Not financial advice obviously. Take everything I say with a big grain of salt, and as always, do your own research! Twitter account where I talk about the market and post lots of charts → 🤍 Instagram → 🤍 TikTok → 🤍 My “Intro to Crypto” Google Doc (FREE): →🤍 Links for what I use, using my link helps me out, so I included the referral links below: WHERE TO BUY CRYPTO → Coinbase (best for beginners, for customers worldwide) - Get $10 when you open an account 🤍 → - (not available in the US, has more altcoins) 🤍 → FTX.US - Another solid US exchange 🤍 (this is where I buy Solana projects) PASSIVE INCOME Lending → BlockFi (Crypto Bank) - 🤍 get $10 when you deposit $100 of Crypto or USD → BlockFi Bitcoin Credit Card- 🤍 → Celsius (Crypto Bank, the one I use now because it has better interest rates) 🤍 Get $40 free when you deposit $400 of Crypto or USD LEVERAGE TRADING / CRYPTO DERIVATIVES → Bybit (not available in the US)- 🤍 → Perpetual Futures- (not available in the US) Here you can trade with up to 50x leverage on many altcoins. This is HIGHLY risky and definitely not for beginners. I personally have lost money doing this while trying to learn. RISKY WARNING 🤍 I have a podcast with my girlfriend where we interview creatives, entrepreneurs, and many other interesting people NUANCE AND NONSENSE PODCAST: → 🤍 I also have a podcast with 2 college buddies where we discuss leverage in life; LEVERS PODCAST: → 🤍 #Crypto #Bitcoin #Altcoins #Blockchain #Altcoin #Decentralized #CryptoNews #Investing #Ethereum #Ripple #Binance #Cardano #Litecoin #BullRun #PassiveIncome #StockMarket #Solana #SOL #COPE #RAY #SRM #FIDA

How to use Raydium DEx. How to buy Solana gems


This video was made in a hurry and unprepared so sorry for the noise. I hope you get value from it. You will learn now to buy or sell SPL (Solana tokens) in the video.



buat kalian yang mau staking bisa lewat sini

RAYDIUM - ЛУЧШИЙ DEX НА SOLANA | Полный гайд по Raydium | Часть 1


Гайд по Raydium. Как свапать в сети соланы? Децентрализованные обменники в сети соланы достаточно популярны, но среди них всех выделяется Raydium. Raydium это лучший децентрализованный обменник на сети Solana. На Raydium можно проводить свапы SPL токенов, торговать, стейкать и выполнять множество других операций. Это видео - начало большого разбора сервиса Raydium. Здесь есть о чем рассказать и будет очень интересно. Залетайте. 🎬 Ссылки с видео: 🤍 ⭐️ Полезные ссылки: 💬 Чат блокчейн разработчиков: 🤍 📃 Блокчейн разработка под ключ: 🤍 💸 Отблагодарить автора: 💰 SOLANA: nickL1GVFSikfNY3eY1RJY9whWqBjD8DMxEdi7ZedH4 💰 BEP 20: 0xFA24A4B96E7d3DfbBaFB9D4D84267e4Ba7297469 💰 USDT (TRC 20): TE7yvWTSkQQyfH5KufmQQ3vqiGS4fpV3yj 🔥 Мои спонсоры: DEX: 🤍 🕖 ТАЙМКОДЫ: 00:00 Начало

Ultimate Yield Farming Guide for Solana with Raydium. $Sol $Ray


Solana is a crypto computing platform that aims to achieve high transaction speeds without sacrificing decentralization. It employs a bundle of novel approaches, including the “proof of history” mechanism. Solana's native cryptocurrency is SOL, which is used to pay transaction fees and for staking. ULTIMATE Yield Farming Guide for Solana Network: 🤍 DEFIYIELD Dashboard (Read to Maximize Profit!): 🤍 Enjoy the Guide! Stick with us for further updates: DEFIYIELD - 🤍 Our Twitter - 🤍 Our Telegram - 🤍 Our Blog - 🤍 Introducing the World’s First Web Archive of Smart Contract Audits: 🤍 Announcing The World’s First DeFi REKT Database: 🤍 Our World's First REKT Database: 🤍 Our World's BIGGEST Audit Database: 🤍 Our Risky Contract Manager: 🤍 Amazon Bestseller "The Wall Street Era is Over" by DEFIYIELD: 🤍 Play safe. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. And remember that we love You! ❤️

How to use Raydium


Hello Welcome, in this video I'll be showing you how to: 1) Setup a wallet 2) Add tokens 3) Exchange tokens using Raydium faster, cheaper and easy. You wanna purchase some $Sol, $USDC, $USDT or $Ray tokens. you can get them on FTX 👇👇👇👇👇👇 ••••••••• 🤍 •••••••• {Here is the link the Raydium platform = 🤍 You can join us the official telegram group 🤍 if you have any questions or complains

#18 Raydium Exchange Tutorial | Swap, Liquidity pools | Solana | Practical World of DeFi | Web 3.0


Welcome to the Practical World of DeFi (Course). This is the Eighteenth video in our course, and in this one, I'll show you how you can buy, sell and swap crypto currency on Raydium Exchange. Raydium is one of the leading Decentralised Exchange on Solana Network. Discord: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: No Investment Advice- The information provided on this channel does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the channel’s content as such. The content in this video was gathered from the internet or from our own research and study, and it was created solely for educational, informational, and entertainment purposes. RISK STATEMENT– The trading of Bitcoins and alternative cryptocurrencies has potential rewards, but it also has potential risks involved. Trading may not be suitable for all people. Anyone wishing to invest should seek his or her own independent financial or professional advice. All investments are subjected to price fluctuation risk. We do not guarantee any assured returns, and if you make any profits or losses after watching this video, then we will not be liable for any profit or loss made by you. Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Sponsors This video might contain sponsored content as well, so before getting involved with any of the sponsored products, make sure you do your own study and research as we are not responsible for any loss incurred in such a case.



🤍 ●▬▬▬▬ 📱 SOCIAL 📱 ▬▬▬▬● 🎙️Info e Collaborazioni: andrealandriani33🤍 📱Telegram: 🤍 📸Instagram: 🤍 📘Facebook: 🤍 🗿Twitter: 🤍 ●▬▬▬▬ 🚀OCCASSIONI UNICHE 🚀 ▬▬▬▬● 🍀Gruppo Discord per partecipare alle private sale :🤍 🍀 CRYPTO.COM - 25$ BONUS: 🤍 🍀BINANCE(20% sconto sulle commissioni A VITA): 🤍 🍀HUOBI: 🤍 🍀Royal Q: 🤍 🍀Link Atani: 🤍 (Software gratuito per scaricare rendiconto fiscale di tutti gli exchange) 🍀Crypto Gemma Private sale: Link: 🤍 🍀Splinterlands: 🤍?ref=landino88 🍀Sorare - Ottieni 10 carte gratuite + 1 limited: 🤍 🍀OpenSea Collection: 🤍 🍀CELSIUS NETWORK (BONUS $50 su minimo 400$ e interessi fino al 17%) 🤍 ref code 122375f69f 🍀Ledger Nano X: 🤍 ●▬▬▬▬ DESCRIZIONE ▬▬▬▬● ●▬▬▬▬ INDICE ▬▬▬▬● 00:00 Introduzione 00:55 RADYUM 02:27 TOKEN RAY 03:02 PIATTAFORMA RADYUM 03:43 DASHBOARD 04:06 SWAP 04:41 LIQUIDITY e POOLS 06:13 FARMS 08:17 STAKING 08:24 TRADING 08:54 ACCELERAYTOR 09:43 DROPZONE NFT 10:13 OPINIONI e CONCLUSIONI #radyum #crypto #solana *DISCLAIMER* I contenuti di questo canale hanno esclusivamente finalità di informare e intrattenere. Le informazioni fornite sul canale hanno valore indicativo e non sono complete circa le caratteristiche dei prodotti menzionati. Chiunque ne faccia uso per fini diversi da quelli puramente informativi cui sono destinati, se ne assume la piena responsabilità. Tutti i riferimenti a singoli strumenti finanziari non devono essere intesi come attività di consulenza in materia di investimenti, né come invito all'acquisto dei prodotti o servizi menzionati. Investire comporta il rischio di perdere il proprio capitale. Investi solo se sei consapevole dei rischi che stai correndo.

An Introduction To Raydium


Watch this quick video to learn how to make a wallet and complete your first lightning-fast swap on Raydium. Click "Show More" for official links! 中文版: 🤍 Official Website: 🤍 Phantom Wallet: 🤍 Official Twitter: 🤍 Join Discord: 🤍

Phantom Wallet Solana Tutorial (How to Swap & Stake SOL)


How to use Phantom Wallet to stake SOL and swap tokens. MoneyZG Crypto Course: 🤍y 5% Discount on FTX Exchange: 🤍 Celsius Wallet $50 BTC Bonus (use code 1530957b9a): 🤍 Best Crypto Tools & Deals: 🤍 FOLLOW ME: Instagram • 🤍 Twitter • 🤍 TikTok • 🤍 I DON'T HAVE MoneyZG TELEGRAM OR WHATSAPP TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 How to use Phantom Wallet 1:18 Phantom Wallet setup 2:12 Phantom Wallet settings 3:48 How to deposit to Phantom Wallet 5:16 How to add tokens to Phantom Wallet 6:06 How to send tokens from Phantom Wallet 6:34 How to use Phantom Wallet DeX 8:28 See transactions 8:52 How to stake SOL in Phantom Wallet 11:06 Phantom Wallet Raydium tutorial USEFUL VIDEOS: Celsius Network: 🤍 FTX Exchnage tutorial: 🤍 This video is for entertainment purposes only. It is not financial advice and is not an endorsement of any provider, product or service. All trading involves risk. Links above include affiliate commission or referrals. I'm part of an affiliate network and I receive compensation from partnering websites

How To Trade on Raydium | The new on-chain order book AMM on Solana


Raydium is an on-chain order book automated market maker (AMM) that enables lightning-fast trades, shared liquidity and new features for earning yield. Raydium provides on-chain liquidity to Serum's central limit order book, meaning that Raydium's users and liquidity pools have access to the order flow and liquidity of the entire Serum ecosystem, and vice versa. All of this is supercharged by building on Solana, an incredibly fast and efficient blockchain. - Open a Binance trading account: 🤍 📺 Subscribe: 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIA ♦ Instagram: 🤍 ♦ Facebook: 🤍 ♦ Twitter: 🤍 - #Solana​ #Raydium​ #Trade​ #Cryptocurrency​ #Blockchain​ #Bitcoin

Solana Ecosystem Best Coins! How To buy On raydium dex using Phantom Wallet?


Crypto Maniac is a social media influencer. Trusted cryptocurrency community. Useful Links Get free crypto if you join using our link 🤍 Use our referral to get $25 worth of crypto - 🤍 Learn and earn Crypto using our referral link - 🤍 Crypto Maniac Tiktok 🤍 Twitter Handle 🤍 Solana Ecosystem Best Coins! How To buy On raydium dex using Phantom Wallet? Sol farm - Tulip Manago market - mango Sabee - sbr Raydium - ray Solape - Solape (very risky) Star atlas Star polis Srm Ocra #solana #crypto #raydium Crypto Maniac is a social media influencer. Trusted cryptocurrency community. Useful Links Get free crypto if you join using our link 🤍 Use our referral to get $25 worth of crypto - 🤍 Learn and earn Crypto using our referral link - 🤍 Crypto Maniac Tiktok 🤍 Twitter Handle 🤍

How to Provide Liquidity and Yield Farm on Raydium and SolFarm (step-by-step walkthrough)


This video is a tutorial by request. I do a step-by-step walkthrough to depositing Solana in your Phantom wallet, swapping on Raydium, providing liquidity on Raydium, using the native farms on Raydium, and depositing Raydium LP tokens on SolFarm. Solana is getting a lot of attention recently and offers some interesting opportunities for DeFi enthusiasts. Follow me on Twitter at 🤍 0:00 Intro 0:38 Depositing Solana to your Wallet 1:29 Providing Liquidity on Raydium 8:28 Depositing Raydium LP Tokens on SolFarm

كيف تستعمل raydium dex لتشتري عملات solana blockchain


🤍 🤍 تحليل لكيفية استعمالraydium dex و اضافة تطبيف phantom wallet و تمكن من بيع و شراء عملات موجودة على solana blockchain

How to trade on solana blockchain Using ORCA and RAYDIUM (SERUM)


This is a video illustration of how to trade on solana blockchain using raydium and Orca. Below are the links needed

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