I re did my room

I re did my room смотреть последние обновления за сегодня на .

NYC BEDROOM MAKEOVER + ROOM TOUR! new furniture & decor 🪴 pinterest/tiktok inspired transformation ✨


hey guys!! this is an EXTREME NYC ROOM MAKEOVER & TRANSFORMATON & AESTHETIC ROOM TOUR 2023! (pinterest and tiktok inspired) hope you guys enjoyed seeing the new york city version of my room come to life! subscribe and turn on post notifications for more videos if you want! i upload every week & a LOT this december! nyc move in vlog & apartment tour: 🤍 my room makeover to my 2023 OLD room: 🤍 ALL of my room videos: 🤍 LINKS: (in order shown from room tour) Amazon storefront with almost everything (list is pinned)!!: 🤍 shoe rack: 🤍 cat hooks: 🤍 bookshelf: 🤍 BotanicalGoodsStore Etsy: 🤍 cat lamp: 🤍 cat vase: 🤍 heart mirror: 🤍 mushroom lamp: 🤍 HAY crates: 🤍 aura angel number posters: 🤍 ikea bed: 🤍 green blanket: 🤍 cat plush: 🤍 floral bedding: 🤍 ikea plant: 🤍 vines: 🤍 amazon fairy lights: 🤍 target circle mirror: goto.target.com/xkj52v white lamp: 🤍 birthdate candle (use my code "DEWITT10"): 🤍?sca_ref=1719106.BiZr3Xu1or LOVEUCANDLE Etsy: 🤍 amazon white sherpa chair: 🤍 green flower pillow: 🤍 nightstand: 🤍 miffy humidifier: 🤍 rug: 🤍 desk: 🤍 desk chair: 🤍 peg board: 🤍 mini photo binder: 🤍 small fan lamp: 🤍 jewelry box: 🤍 makeup mirror: 🤍 desk organizer: 🤍 miffy light: 🤍 ikea mirror: 🤍 sunset lamp: 🤍 timestamps: 0:00-0:39 intro 0:40-2:33 day 1: current room & my plans 2:34-5:08 putting up decor i have & new rug 5:09-7:23 day 2: setting up new desk decor, haul 7:24-8:20 day 3: building my new shoe rack 8:21-9:59 day 4: rearranging my room, new lamp 10:00-11:03 day 5: building my new bookshelf 11:04-15:25 day 6: decor haul, lots of decorating 15:26-16:54 day 7: new chair & hanging my mirror 16:55-17:09 day 8: mirror cont. (lol) 17:10-18:28 BEFORE & AFTER 18:29-28:10 NYC ROOM TOUR 2023 28:11-29:12 outro ✰ let's be friends!! ✰ instagram - 🤍katelyndewitt_ 🤍 tiktok - 🤍katelyndewitt_ 🤍 vsco - 🤍katelyndewitt 🤍 pinterest - 🤍katelyndewitt_ 🤍 depop - 🤍katelyndewitt 🤍 amazon storefront - 🤍katelyndewitt 🤍 ✰ FAQ ✰ how old are you? 21!! what do you use to edit? final cut pro x what camera do you use? canon g7x mark ii and canon eos rebel t6i for business inquiries/PR contact: Issy🤍smallscreenmarketing.com P.O. Box information in my "About" section!! ✰ music used: ✰ epidemic sound library: 🤍 disclaimer: i do not own or claim any music used in this video FTC: this video is NOT sponsored! some links may be affiliate links, meaning i make a small commission off purchases made through my link, but it doesn't cost you anything extra!! :) love you guys!! - katelyn sub count: 290,378 AHH SO CLOSE TO 300K ILY ALL!!!! THANK YOU!!! tags (ignore): room transformation, room makeover, room transformation 2023, Aesthetic, Aesthetic room transformation, pinterest, pinterest inspired room transformation, katelyn dewitt, katelyn dewitt room makeover, katelyn dewitt room, amazon, room tour, room tour 2023, katelyn dewitt room tour, room makeover 2024, Aesthetic room makeover, vlog, lifestyle, teen, tiktok, kpop room, minimalist room, tiktok trends, cozy room, fairy lights, desk makeover, floral bedding, moving series, moving out for the first time, moving diaries, moving diaries, apartment tour, moving to nyc, new york city, nyc apartment, nyc apartment tour, deep clean with me, nyc bedroom, cozy #roommakeover #roomtour #newyorkcity

I redid my room | Room Transformation 2019


Hey guys so I rearranged my room to make it look a bit different. I love it so much now! XoXo. Subscribe: 🤍 Watch the latest: 🤍 Watch more: Hauls: 🤍 Gymnastics & Cheer: 🤍 Vlogs: 🤍 Most Popular: 🤍 Follow us on… Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to our family channels! Emma and Ellie's Channel: 🤍 Ellie Ana: 🤍 #EmmaMarie #EmmasWorld #EmmaMariesWorld I am 14 and l am in love with Hauls, Fashion, Style, Beauty, Hair, and just making you laugh! SUBSCRIBE to join the beauty that is in my world. My channel will allow you to feel like "My World Is Yours"! My style changes everyday, but what remains the same is the confidence I feel when I find something I love and represents ME. I hope that my videos inspire and empower you to explore the things that make YOU happy. Nothing says beauty more than self confidence and loving yourself no matter what our crazy teen lives throw at us! Come along for the ride I know you'll enjoy every minute of it! Be(YOU)tiful!

cleaning & re-organizing my room for my mental health (and bc I got a roommate...)


FINALLY organizing so many things in my (small NYC) bedroom / office space that I've been putting off - makeup drawer, bookshelf, closet - and getting rid of as much as I can. I'm not sure my room has ever been this clean. Enjoy xo Don't forget to subscribe! ☞ 🤍 Thank you so much for watching! xoxo, Han Digital Diary Podcast with Hannah Elise ☞ 🤍 THINGS MENTIONED: Makeup organizers 🤍 Closet rack dividers 🤍 Fabric drawer organizers 🤍 Storage baskets 🤍 Vacuum 🤍 Over the door closet mirror 🤍 Laptop stand 🤍 Help me to translate this video into your language! ☞ 🤍 ☞ MUSIC USED: Free 30 day trial of Epidemic Sound - 🤍 ☞ SOCIALS: Instagram 🤍hannahemaute Twitter 🤍hannahemaute TikTok: hannahemaute Pinterest: hannahemaute LTK: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 ☞ EMAIL: For business inquiries only plz hannahelise🤍select.co ☞ FAQs: What camera do you use? Main: Canon EOS M50, Travel: Canon G7X Mark II How old are you? 24 (as of when this video was posted) What do you use to edit your videos? Final Cut Pro X What apps do you use for thumbnails? Procreate, VSCO, PicsArt When do you upload? Every Sunday! ☞ FTC: This video is not sponsored, all opinions are my own. Some links may be affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission off of purchases made through my link, but it does not cost you anything extra! This video is about organizing my room, bedroom organization, small space organization, bedroom office, NYC apartment, clean with me #HannahElise #organizing #cleanwithme

a cozy winter vlog (decluttering my room)


✰ instagram - 🤍 a super cozy at home vlog where I declutter my room, clean my bed sheets and give my apartment a good deep clean!! I'm so grateful for all of you! ✰ my clothing line, Jo West - 🤍 ✰ family vlog channel 🤍 ✰ depop - marlacatherine (I sell a lot of my clothes here!) frequently asked questions + how old are you? 20 + how tall are you? 5' 6" + camera - canon g7x mark 2 + canon 5d mark 4 + what do you use to edit videos? My sister films + edits the videos, she uses Final Cut Pro! business inquiries - sarah🤍parkertalentmanagement.com this video is not sponsored, all opinions are my own :)



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I COMPLETELY redid my room🌿💫 (makeover + TOUR)


literally months in the making... BUT IT'S FINALLY DONE ✪MERCH: 🤍 (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ MY SOCIALS ♥ ✪ TIKTOK 🤍urmomaaashleyk 🤍 ✪ INSTA 🤍aaashleyk (aye aye ashley k) :P ✪ TWITTER 🤍aashley92 ✪ SPOTIFY 🤍urmomashley AMBER’S SOCIALS: ✪ YOUTUBE: 🤍 ✪ INSTA: 🤍_amberalexander ANDREW’S SOCIALS: ✪ YOUTUBE: 🤍 ✪ INSTA 🤍_andrewalexander_ ✪ TWITTER 🤍andrewisnowgod ✪ TIKTOK 🤍longandrew CHARLES: ✪ INSTA 🤍charlie.caloy ✪ TIKTOK 🤍charlie.caloy 🤍 LINKS: my comforter set: 🤍 my comforter: 🤍 satin pillowcases: 🤍 my bed: 🤍 similar to my standing mirror: 🤍 circle mirror: 🤍 similar desk: 🤍 similar desk chair: 🤍 camera: Lumix G7 & iPhone X current sub count: 446,000 - business email: ashley🤍whalarstars.com

RE-DECORATING MY ROOM 2018! (retro, tumblr + aesthetic)


HUGE ROOM MAKEOVER + REDOING hey everyone! i absolutely love interior design, so of course i needed to redecorate my room again. i really hope you guys enjoyed this video and got some inspiration from it. also, i hope this helped you learn how to make a record wall or hang fairy lights of your own. click the links below for previous room videos! thank you always for the support xx 2016: 🤍 2017: 🤍 2017 room tour: 🤍 thank you to VYNL for sponsoring this video! check out their website here: 🤍 ....... S O C I A L M E D I A ♥follow me on twitter to be more involved: vanessatiiu 🤍 ♥follow me on instagram: vanessatiiu 🤍 ♥you can also follow me on here: vlog channel: MoreVanessaTiiu 🤍 pinterest: 🤍 spotify: 🤍vanessatiiu art instagram: 🤍 M U S I C Come and Go With Me Non-copyright music ....... ♥ For business inquiries please feel free to email me at: contactvanessatiiu🤍gmail.com

Re-Doing My Room | Room Makeover ✨


another bedroom makeover video :) i decided to go for a pinterest/tiktok inspired look for my room, but also heavily influenced by my love for the music of 60s/70s that give it that ✨retro✨ look lol. my room makeover video from 2018: 🤍 instagram - 🤍 tiktok - 🤍emilycchan | 🤍 depop (buy my clothes) - 🤍 spotify - 🤍 faqs - age - 18 years old school/major - first year at ubc, in media studies camera - canon eos m50 editor - final cut pro music used - Music by Goosetaf - Efflorescence - 🤍 Music by Goosetaf - Fresh Air - 🤍 Music by Goosetaf - Swing Set - 🤍 Music by Goosetaf - Cherry Blossom - 🤍 Music by Goosetaf - Bumblebee - 🤍 for business inquiries, please contact emilychanbusiness🤍gmail.com

AESTHETIC ROOM MAKEOVER + where I get decorations!


Time stamps : 00:00 - intro 0:31 - shopping 2:25 - building desk 4:55 - decorating 10:34 - room tour 12:05 - where I get decor 16:09 - outro ✧𝔰𝔬𝔠𝔦𝔞𝔩𝔰 : instagram: 🤍 snapchat: Spammcblakely ✧𝔪𝔲𝔰𝔦𝔠 : 🤍 ✧𝖉𝖎𝖘𝖈𝖔𝖚𝖓𝖙𝖘 : yesstyle code for 10% off: BLAKEHOMIE10 shein code for 15% off: Blakehomie youvimi code for 12% off: blacobhomie12 unzzy code for 10% off: Blacobhomie native code for 25% off: Blakehomie ★ ꜰᴏʀ ʙʀᴀɴᴅꜱ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ᴛᴏ ᴡᴏʀᴋ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍᴇ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴀᴄᴛ ᴍᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ ★ : spammcblakely🤍gmail.com ᴛʜᴀɴᴋ ʏᴏᴜ ꜰᴏʀ ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ. ɪ ʜᴏᴘᴇ ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴀ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ʙᴀᴄᴋɢʀᴏᴜɴᴅ ɴᴏɪꜱᴇ ᴏʀ ꜱᴀꜰᴇ ꜱᴘᴀᴄᴇ ꜰᴏʀ ᴀɴʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ɴᴇᴇᴅꜱ ɪᴛ :) !

i needed a change so i redid my room | cottage coreisshh


hey yalll ♡ i'm finally getting around to decorating my guest bedroom/office. i went to ikea, target, and ordered stuff on amazon. i thought it would be fun to film the whole journey of turning this room into a cozy space! ♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡~♡ thanks for watching this video! I hope you have a great day &I can't wait for you guys to see my upcoming vlogs! so stay tuned by subscribing (+turn on your post notifications and follow my IG!) Love y'all. ♡socials♡ instagram: ivylis tiktok: .ivylis Sub-count: 13,800 All rights reserved to the artist(s) and label(s). No copyright intended.



I decided to record me re-doing my room in la! This is probably the most extreme room makeover I've ever done. I got my room painted white and went for the minimal look of course. Like this video for a room tour and don't forget to subscribe! social media • instagram - 🤍 • twitter - 🤍 • snapchat - kiannanaomi • vlog channel- 🤍 • shop my closet- 🤍 Like my music taste? -🤍 -🤍 If you are business wishing to contact me: thatskiannaxo🤍gmail.com songs used: • • • xoxo, kianna

i redid my room!!| my bedroom transformation


Hey Guys! It’s Gigi today I am doing a room transformation. I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I hope you are clicking off this video with a big smile on your face and I’ll see you next time! Byyeeee -xoxo Gigi Check out my Social Media! instagram main-gigielizabethh tumbling- Account:gigicheerzzz basic boutique-basicccbihhh snapchat-gigi_elizabethh poshmark-gigielizabethhh email-gigielizabeth25🤍gmail.com Made with imovie.

online shopping for room/apartment decor! *ੈ✩‧₊˚(pinterest inspired, aesthetic, dream appliances)


i’ve wanted to film this video for so long! now that my apartment is coming together i’m shopping for my dream room/apartment decorations! i bought a lot of exciting stuff in this video, enjoy!! follow me: 🤍zhirelle - instagram - tik tok - twitter - pinterest - spotify PO BOX ADDRESS:💌 Zhirelle Cushman PO Box 574 Camarillo, CA 93011 About me!💓 - I live in Southern California - I am a college student (art major) - I have 4 younger siblings - I love to travel - I am 22 - I take pictures of everything! subscribe & become one of my best friends!:) sub count: 695K! Music by Blue Sirens - Bread Box - 🤍 i love you guys! tags (ignore): vlogmas, decorating for christmas, holiday vlog, ultimate winter vlog, moving in, move in with me, putting together my apartment, apartment shopping, kitchen makeover, christmas wishlist, aesthetic, moving vlog, moving diaries, moving alone, moving w my boyfriend, morning routine, school morning, self care shopping, self care, study vlog, living alone, living alone diaries, grocery shopping, putting together my apartment, moving diaries, romanticizing school, apartment tour, cleaning my apartment, living alone diaries, organizing my room, room decor, kitchen transformation, makeover, living alone

re-doing my room☆ (again)


my full room tour where I show where everything is from- 🤍 🦋follow me on Dote- abbylynn Instagram- abbylynnnn Twitter- abbylynnnyt Snapchat- abbylynnnsnap DEPOP- abbylynnn Business- abbylynnyt🤍gmail.com

in depth room tour: where i get my decor + more


thanks for joining me! comment if you have any questions :) :⋆⁺₊⋆ my links⋆⁺₊⋆ my instagram: 🤍 pinterest: 🤍 tiktok: 🤍 for business inquiries email me at carolinecelestee🤍gmail.com i do not own any of the music in this video, all music came from Thematic. Music by CFEQ - Sugar free - 🤍 Music by Goosetaf - Bumblebee - 🤍 love, cc

re-doing my room


Add me on Social Media ♥ Instagram : 🤍brookemohammed Snapchat: 🤍brookemohammed Twitter: 🤍brooke_alysha Spotify : 🤍brookemohammed18 FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY: brookemohammed10🤍hotmail.com ♥ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ♥ How tall are you? 5'4 How old are you? 19 Where do you live? Calgary, Alberta Canada Camera I use: Sony A5100 What I use to edit: iMovie

EXTREME Room Transformation + Room Tour | Vlogmas Day 1


✨Waterdrop Christmas Sales! Up to $240 off site wide from Dec. 8th till Dec. 26th! Mark your calendar to snag one for your family and friends! Waterdropfilter e-pitcher: Web: 🤍 Amz: 🤍 🤍Waterdrop Filter Thank You Waterdrop for sponsoring this video! Thank you for watching!! Love you all ❤️ ✨✨Watch more Day/Week In My Life Videos Here ✨✨ 🤍 💕Make sure y'all subscribe to our new family channel with me, my mother and brother. The KMH Family 🤍 💫Sign up for my weekly Newsletter below! It is a way for us to connect to each other. NEWSLETTER LINK: 🤍 🛍SHOP ROOM DECOR & MY FAVORITE AMAZON PRODUCTS🛍 🤍 🪞ROOM MIRROR: HOVET Mirror 🤍 💄VANITY: MALM Dressing table 🤍 📈 TOOLS I USE TO GROW MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL📈 Get More Views Using TubeBuddy: 🤍 📧 Contact Email 📧 Mayaloveeb🤍gmail.com ❤️LET'S BE FRIEND'S❤️ Instagram: 🤍_.mayalovee Snapchat: 🤍Babygur33 Tiktok: 🤍_mayaa222 Pintrest: 🤍 🎶MUSIC PLAYLIST🎶 🤍 ❓FAQ ❓ Height: 5’5 Weight: 128 Ethnicity: African American/ Middle Eastern, Palestinian 00:00 Transforming My Room 12:00 Room Tour Affiliates Links 📸MY CAMERA GEAR📸 Sony ZV-1: 🤍 Wide Angle Lens for Sony ZV-1: 🤍 Camera: Cannon G7x mark ii - 🤍 Ring Light- 🤍 Vlogging tripod -: 🤍 External Drive- 🤍 Editing: Final cut pro (most of my past videos are iMovie) Gimbal: 🤍 Joby Tripod: 🤍 🖥 Dell 27-inch 4K Monitor: 🤍 FTC:Thank You Waterdrop for sponsoring this video! DISCLAIMER: Amazon Links included in this description are affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with these links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you!



like, comment, subscribe♡ when is it not time for another room makeover like this video for a room tour (actually gunna do it this time) MARBLE PAPER: 🤍 GRID BOARD:🤍 (THESE ARE NOT THE LIGHT ONES) social media • instagram - 🤍 • twitter - 🤍 • pinterest - 🤍 • snapchat - kiannanaomi • vlog channel- 🤍 Like my music taste? -🤍 -🤍 If you are business wishing to contact me: thatskiannaxo🤍gmail.com songs used: •sleepyhead remix • sexual by neiked • feels so right • with you by pnd/drake xoxo, kianna



Hope you enjoy the video! Comment for a house/basement tour Ly guys!

I RE-DID MY ROOM! // Vlogmas Day 10


I RE-DID MY ROOM! // Vlogmas Day 10 MAIN CHANNEL: 🤍 SOCIAL MEDIAS: (stalk me pls im desperate) Instagram: 🤍emma.johansson (intsagram.com/emma.johansson) Twitter: 🤍emmajohans0n (twitter.com/emmajohans0n) Thanks for watching!

GETTING READY FOR CHRISTMAS: vlogmas 1 (room decor, target shopping, holiday aesthetic 2023)


welcome to the first of my daily uploads this december! so excited to start vlogmas i hope u enjoy! in this video i went target shopping, decorated my room/ apartment, and prepared for the holidays! follow me: 🤍zhirelle - instagram - tik tok - twitter - pinterest - spotify PO BOX ADDRESS:💌 Zhirelle Cushman PO Box 574 Camarillo, CA 93011 About me!💓 - I live in Southern California - I am a college student (art major) - I have 4 younger siblings - I love to travel - I am 22 - I take pictures of everything! subscribe & become one of my best friends!:) sub count: 693K! Music by Naomi - Romantic Moon - 🤍 Music by Mark Generous - Agnes - 🤍 Music by Mr. Jello - Passion Fruit - 🤍 Music by ZARG - Santa's Crib - 🤍 Music by Ryan Little - Note to Self - 🤍 Music by Blue Sirens - Bread Box - 🤍 Music by Mr. Chase - Reach Out - 🤍 i love you guys! tags (ignore): vlogmas, decorating for christmas, holiday vlog, ultimate winter vlog, moving in, move in with me, putting together my apartment, apartment shopping, kitchen makeover, christmas wishlist, aesthetic, moving vlog, moving diaries, moving alone, moving w my boyfriend, morning routine, school morning, self care shopping, self care, study vlog, living alone, living alone diaries, grovery shopping, putting together my apartment, moving diaries, romanticizing school, apartment tour, cleaning my apartment, living alone diaries, organizing my room, room decor, kitchen transformation, makeover, living alone

I redid EVERY ROOM in my Animal Crossing house


Save 33% on your first Native Deodorant Pack - normally $39, you’ll get it for $26! Click here ​​🤍 and use my code LISSTHELASS #AD Oh boy, this one is a DOOZY today. I'm going to attempt to decorate every room in my Animal Crossing: New Horizons house with the help of my 'mood cubes'. Mood cubes are little 4x4 aesthetic cubes that I made for each room, to help give me a place to start before I tackle the real thing. 0:00 Intro 1:54 What the heck is a mood cube? 3:55 The upstairs gift shop 10:35 The basement bar 15:46 My bedroom 20:01 The bathroom 24:19 The kitchen 27:53 Our final room: the living room 31:20 The final results! ACNH CODES & STARDEW MODS ▶ 🤍 second channel | 🤍 twitch | 🤍 twitch vods | 🤍 twitter | 🤍 instagram | 🤍 P.O. BOX LISS THE LASS 1753 E Broadway Rd STE 101-533 Tempe AZ 85282 NATIVE DEODORANT REVIEW #NativePartner #Deodorant #AluminumFree

Songify The Room (You're Tearing Me Apart)


Download/Stream this song everywhere! 🤍 Tommy Wiseau's channel! 🤍 Thanks to our friends for cheeping with us- Xavier Woods - 🤍 Joe Bereta - 🤍 Kevin Lieber - 🤍 Johnny & Mark join The Avengers: 🤍 All our tracks and bts on patreon: 🤍 we made an OH HI MARK piano: 🤍 Other places to find us: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Production/Mix with Aaron Beaumont 🤍 Assistant editor: Amelia Burger 🤍 #Songify #OhHiMark



happy december first...25 DAYS TILL XMASSSSSS enjoy 25% off 2-3 pieces and 40% off 4 pieces or more now until 12/4 #sponsored #hollisterpartner 🤍hollisterco LINKS: blue tank: 🤍 cargo sweats: 🤍 leather skirt: 🤍 satin maxi skirt: 🤍 green bodysuit: 🤍 scarf: 🤍 crewneck: 🤍 graphic t-shirt: 🤍 tan and grey v-neck sweater: 🤍 grey patterned sweater: 🤍 green pj pants: 🤍 (FTC Disclaimer: Some links above are affiliate links from which I get a small commission. This does not affect you as a customer at all, but helps me keep on making videos for you guys!) 👗CURTSY: 🤍 🎥watch in 1080p!!! time stamps: 0:00-1:06 intro 1:07-1:34 pre room tour 1:35-1:55 unpacking xmas tree 1:56-6:33 hollister clothing haul!! 6:34-7:36 going through decorations 7:37-11:42 DECORATINGG 11:43-11:54 outro 📱socials: insta: 🤍theavarae tiktok: 🤍theavarae vsco: 🤍theavarae pinterest: 🤍theavarae 💟what I use: camera: Canon G7X mark ii tripod: manfrotto PIKI mini table top tripod 🌟last video: MENTAL HEALTH DAY: skipping school & being productive: 🤍 🎶music: I do not own any of the music I use 💗ps I read my comments, and dm's! :) 💌 for business only: sarah🤍smallscreenmarketing.com sub count: 194,553 love always, aves ♡



Finally showing you all me re-doing my room! My room is finally the minimalist room of my dreams! I wanted it to be budget friendly and cute so f you guys enjoyed this extreme room makeover like this video and subscribe! SUBSCRIBE! 🤍 FOLLOW ME // INSTAGRAM- 🤍allysonboubert SNAPCHAT- 🤍xallybx Music by Trees and lucy! 🤍 ITEMS FROM THE VIDEO: Amazon: Bed Frame 🤍 Ikea: Malm Dresser Malm Dressing Table Tobias chair 🤍 Hovet Mirror Bedding FEJKA Plant 🤍 DAIDAI Plant pot 🤍 Urban Outfitters: Big Round Mirror 🤍 Target: Fern Pillows Gold Accent Piece Marshalls: Pink candle TJ Maxx: silver jewelry box white flowers Home Depot: Snake Plant Ebay: basket for snake plant SHOP EQUIPMENT I USE // CANON 80D - 🤍 SIGMA LENS - 🤍 TRIPOD - 🤍 LIGHTING KIT- 🤍 RING LIGHT - 🤍 DISCOUNT CODES ⤵︎ Get 10% The Solotica Hidrocor lenses I use! Promo Code: "ALLYB" 🤍visionmarketplace.com RE-DOING MY ROOM! EXTREME ROOM MAKEOVER! 🤍 For business inquiries: contact🤍allysonboubert.com *Some links may be affiliate

RE-DOING MY ROOM | Nicole Laeno


Hey guys! This video is finally here… RE-DOING MY ROOM!! I’m so happy and grateful to be able to this. Thank you to my family for helping me out!! Hope you guys enjoy! Subscribe: 🤍 Last Video: 🤍 My Social Media: Instagram 🤍nicolelaeno Makeup Instagram 🤍nicolelaenomakeup Snapchat 🤍nicolelaeno Musical.ly 🤍nicolelaeno Twitter 🤍laenonicole Email: lindalaeno🤍yahoo.com Music: Intro and Outro - Where We From by Gravez Before and After - Bae by Locos Background - Pacific Sun by Nicolai Heidilas Have a beautiful day my loves! xoxo Nicole

RE-DOING MY ROOM *Room Makeover !!!! *2019


Hey guys I'm sorry I was gone for so long :( but I hope y'all enjoyed seeing me give my room a makeover over the course of about a year!!!! Don't forget to like comment subscribe and also turn on my post notifications so that you are notified whenever I post a new video! XoXo, Mia Marie Social Media's Twitter: TheMiaMariee Instagram:TheMiaMarie YouNow: TheMiaMarie Snapchat: TheMiaMarie dote - themiamarie Camera: Canon t6i Editing Software: iMovie Age: 17

Re-decorating my room for the SCHOOL YEAR


Stay tuned for part 2! Organize my room with me: 🤍 FIND ME: My Young Living link: 🤍 My amazon storefront: 🤍 My journal: 🤍 My other channel: 🤍 My photography account: 🤍 GEAR I USE: My vlog camera: 🤍 My photography camera: 🤍 My photography lens: 🤍 i post once a every Saturday at 12pm CST Please SUBSCRIBE to this channel :) Find my social links PLUS my amazon storefront: 🤍 Thanks for being here, Love ya Besties, Annie

re-doing my room 2018


skip to 3:17 if you dont wanna see the ikea haul - im super happy with how this room makeover (or redecorating my room) came out, especially since this is the first time I have redone it. if you were wondering, all this stuff i bought came out to around $250 CAD (around $195 USD) if you guys want to see any videos relating to this room (room tour, closet tour, makeup collection, etc) comment down below! - P.S. this room is shared between me, my grandma and sister (who just moved out but stuff is still here), so the corner of the room i showed is basically just "my part" of the room. Social Media - Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Snapchat - emilychansc Depop (buy my clothes) - 🤍 - FAQs - Name - Emily Chan Age - 15 year old Camera - Canon Rebel T5i/700D w/ kit lens Editor - Final Cut Pro X Where I live - Canada - SUBSCRIBE! - 🤍 Music Used - 🤍 - If you would like to contact me about your company, please contact emilychanbusiness🤍gmail.com



in today’s video, i redid my room! hope you enjoy !! P.S, let me know what videos you guys would like to see from me! Please comment, rate, and subscribe for more videos! Want me to review your shop? Want to send fanmail? • Send me a BUSINESS email at soookawaii🤍hotmail.com •DM me on Instagram 🤍SoooKawaiii OR •PM me on YouTube music provided from 🤍 STALK ME IN THE KAWAII WORLD! Instagram // christielowon // soookawaiii Music.ly // heckinswag -

EXTREME ROOM MAKEOVER: re-doing my room | MaryRose


Hey guys! I have been waiting for this video for so long and I am so glad that it is finally here! I LOVE how my room turned out and I hope you guys like it too! I am going to link as many things as I can below for you guys! I love you all so much! CURRENT GOAL: our current goal is 5000 subscribers! We currently have 2,366! Make sure to subscribe down below to help us out! SOCIALS instagram: 🤍 twitter: 🤍 snapchat: 🤍Mary.rufus subscribe! business inquiries: mj31179🤍gmail.com LINKS: Duvet: 🤍 Duvet Cover: 🤍 Brick Wall: 🤍 Dresser: 🤍 Alex Drawers: 🤍 Floating Shelves: 🤍 Laundry Basket: 🤍 Bed Sheets: 🤍 Pink Rug: 🤍 Circle Rug: 🤍 Circle Mirror: 🤍 Salt Lamp: 🤍 Pink stool and all throw pillows were also from target Q & A: ~how old are you? 17 ~where do you live? Ohio ~what grade are you in? Senior in high school EQUIPMENT camera// iPhone 11 tripod// velbon s-6000 editing// iMovie sub count: 2,366 love you guys ! DISCLAIMER: Some links may be affiliate links, if item is purchased, I will receive a small commission at NO extra cost to you!

re-doing my room! #SHORTS


I moved into a new room and did a complete room makeover! Hope you get some inspo! Watch the full video here- 🤍 INSTAGRAM- 🤍Kailee_Elise 🤍 TIKTOK- 🤍Kailee_Elise 🤍 SHOP THIS VIDEO: Room: Lounge chair- 🤍 Desk chair- 🤍 White mirror- 🤍 Bookshelf- 🤍 Fabric bins- 🤍 Hangers- 🤍 Essential oil diffuser- 🤍 Curtain rod- 🤍 Curtains- 🤍 Makeup: Mascara- 🤍 BB cream (shade light/ medium)- 🤍 Concealer- 🤍 Foundation powder- 🤍 Setting powder- 🤍 Eyeshadow- 🤍 Eyeshadow shimmer pallet- 🤍 Eyeshadow brush- 🤍 Lipstick- 🤍 BLOG- 🤍 CLOTHING LINE- 🤍 #SHORTS Here's the quick version of my room makeover! I re-painted the walls, got new furniture, went decor shopping, decorated the room, and created my own wallpaper out of wall decals. The process took many months but it's now completed! I went for a minimal, girly look. Give this video a thumbs up for more room decor-related videos or leave any video requests below! For business inquiries, please contact KaileeEliseOfficial🤍gmail.com Disclaimer: Not a sponsored video.



MY ROOM MAKEOVER // RE-DOING MY ROOM Yoyoyoooooo soooo I re-did my roomy room room. Just thought I'd share the process with you guys. Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed & I will see you in my next video! Vlog Channel: 🤍 For business inquiries, opportunities and collaborations, please contact: beauty4taty🤍gmail.com Social Media- Instagram: 🤍tatyanalopez Twitter: 🤍tatyanalopezz Snapchat: 🤍tatyanalopezz Equipement- Camera: Canon Rebel T5i Ring Light: Amazon Neewer Camera Video Dimmable Ring Light Editing: iMovie

Re-doing The Living Room Makeover Everyone Hated | Modern, Boho Living Room Makeover


Thank you to BetterHelp for sponsoring this video. Click here for 10% your first month at BetterHelp: 🤍 Hey guys! I'm Alexandra Gater and I show you how to do rental-friendly upgrades and DIY projects on a budget. New videos every Saturday! Today I'm re-doing my living room makeover to create a modern, boho space. It's a full makeover with a custom Ikea velvet sofa cover and a mix of modern, boho touches. Peony & Honey Instagram: 🤍 Products mentioned in this video: Links marked with a AF are affiliate links. That means I receive a percentage of the revenue made from purchasing products through this link. Products marked with * means they were gifted to me from brands but I was not paid to feature them in this video. What I'm wearing: Top: 🤍 AF Jeans (similar): 🤍 AF Mules: 🤍 AF Canadian Links: Frame TV: 🤍 AF Ceiling light: 🤍 AF Floating bookshelves: 🤍 AF Sofa cover: 🤍 * (in dusty pink) Karlstad sofa: 🤍 * Sofa legs: 🤍 * Rug: 🤍 Lounge chair: 🤍 Picture frames: 🤍 AF Custom picture mats: 🤍 Wood side tables: 🤍 Wall mounted candle holders: 🤍 Candles: 🤍 Table lamp: 🤍 Frame tv art: 🤍 Arch candle holder: 🤍 Cushion: 🤍 Vase: 🤍 * Wood candle holders: Homesense U.S. Links: Frame TV: 🤍 AF Ceiling light: 🤍 AF Floating bookshelves: 🤍 Sofa cover: 🤍 * (in dusty pink) Karlstad sofa: 🤍 * Sofa legs: 🤍 * Rug: 🤍 Lounge chair: 🤍 Picture frames: 🤍 AF Custom picture mats: 🤍 Wood side tables: 🤍 Wall mounted candle holders: 🤍 Candles: 🤍 Table lamp: 🤍 Frame tv art: 🤍 Arch candle holder: 🤍 Cushion: 🤍 Vase: 🤍 * Wood candle holders: Homesense Let's be friends: TikTok: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Shop my Amazon store Canada: 🤍 Shop my Amazon store U.S.: 🤍 Sign up to my newsletter to get decor tips and products in your inbox every week: 🤍 Retro label maker I use: 🤍 * GET IN TOUCH: Alexandra Gater P.O. Box 68555 Walmer Toronto, ON M5S 3C9 EMAIL: alexandra🤍alexandragater.com Thank you so much to each and every one of you for your continued support. I get to make these videos for a living, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Videographer, Carla Antonio: 🤍 Senior Editor, James Resendes: 🤍 Junior editor/vlog editor, Alessandra Sconza 🤍 Intro designed and animated by Lindsey Deschamps: 🤍 All music sourced by licensing. All opinions are my own. It's important to hire licensed professionals for certain projects; if you're unsure or unqualified, please don't attempt any projects seen in my videos yourself.

My Room/Studio TOUR - Where I spend all my time...


FINALLY! I’m doing a tour of my room and studio!! I hope you enjoy seeing where I spend almost all of my time :) let me know what you think of my room and what your favorite part is!! Enjoy! Want a Shoutout? - Subscribe - Turn on notifications - comment with #ddsquad And you'll have a chance to get a shoutout in my next video! Instagram: _delightfuldolls Etsy Shop: DelightfulDollsShop When do I post? I post every Saturday at 11:00am ET (8:00am PT, 9:00am MT, 10:00am CT) and if for some reason I'm not able to post at that exact time or day for a particular week, I'll make sure to let you know ahead of time on my Community Tab or Stories. I might also post the odd bonus video on a random day of the week, so make sure your notifications are turned on so you know when I post a bonus video! *DISCLAIMER* My videos are intended for teen and adult doll collectors. Some of the tools I use in my videos are also dangerous and not safe in the hands of children, so please keep that in mind. All the dolls, toys, crafts, ect. on my channel are not intended for "playing" purposes.

Re-Doing My Room Quarantine Edition || (something went wrong)


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How I Redid my Room For $25!


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Re decorating my room part 2


Here we go finally the finished room (apart from the paining but we can ignore that for now) I finally got round to re doing my room with the help of my friend ella We went to ikea and home sense to get the last bits and bobs for the love around. If you guys want to see a more I depth where things are from and more detailed video then make sure to like and comment on this video💕💕💕 Big big shout out to Ella for helping me x🦋💕 Where to find me Instagram - jessjesscraig Depop- jessjesscraig Twitter - jessjesscraig

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