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How Do Oil Pumpjacks Work?


Thanks for watching! This video takes a look at pumpjacks, colloquially referred to as Oil Derricks and oil horses. “Oil derricks” themselves are the hoisting structure used for drilling. After the oil well is tapped, then these pump jacks are used to extract the oil. For anyone who has ever driven through the southern United States or other oil-rich areas, you likely are familiar with the sight of oil derricks. These metal moving hammer-like structures work to extract oil from underground – often in the middle of nowhere. All this probably leaves you wondering, how do they actually work and what happens to the oil once it's taken from below ground? Called pumpjacks, oil horses, oil derricks, these large metal structures are crucial to supplying the US and ultimately the world with its oil needs. They function as traditional sucker rod pumps, known more technically as reciprocating piston pumps, and are made up of 5 parts: the prime mover, the crank, the samson posts, the walking beam, and the sucker rod. All images and videos courtesy of the creative commons or used in accordance with fair use laws. CGI Snake by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (🤍 Source: 🤍 Artist: 🤍

Testing Ultimate Speed 12V Oil Pump from Lidl - UOP 12 C1


Ultimate speed 12V oil and fuel pump. Working, but you cannot count on it to extract all of your car's oil.

Palm Oil Seed Cutting Process | Palm Oil Seeds Culture | palm oil Cultivation | Indian Farming


Palm Oil Seed Cutting Process | Palm Oil Seeds Culture | palm oil Cultivation | Indian Farming Please Share & Subscribe For More Village Food Recipes Youtube - 🤍 facebook page - 🤍 Facebook group 🤍 Google plus - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍

Function of a variable oil pump (3D animation) - Motorservice Group -


On modern passenger cars, regulated oil pumps are used to enable demand-based and fuel-saving oil flow to the engine lubricating points. The animation shows the principle of operation of the variable oil pump, that adapts its delivery rate automatically to the oil requirements (via the delivery pressure). - - - - - - - - - Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Amazing Oil Palm Fruit Harvesting Machine - Palm Oil Processing in Factory - Palm Oil Production


Oil palm an edible vegetable oil that comes from the fruit of oil palm trees. Two types of oil can be produced; crude palm oil comes from squeezing the fleshy fruit, and palm kernel oil which comes from crushing the kernel, or the stone in the middle of the fruit. Oil palm trees are native to Africa but were brought to South-East Asia just over 100 years ago as an ornamental tree crop. Now, Indonesia and Malaysia make up over 85% of global supply but there are 42 other countries that also produce palm oil. Credit : Palm Oil TV 🤍 The Sustainable Palm Oil Choice 🤍 Sri Jelutung Palm Oil Mill 🤍 Dolphin International Berhad 🤍 CENTRO ACEROS 🤍 If you are the owner, send me a comment on the video. I will follow your request as soon as read. Thank you Thank For Watching Noal Farm For more Hot video Please Sub me Here: 🤍 And More playlist Noal Farm : 🤍 Noal Sea : 🤍 Noal Processing : 🤍 #noalfarm #OilPalmharvesting #PalmOilprocessing




Palm oil production process #1


This video shows you how Palm oil is process in abia state, Nigeria

Easy Oil Change Using a 12 Volt Oil Extractor Pump


Using a 12 volt oil extractor pump to extract the oil from an engine. If the engine is cold, run it for a few minutes before you begin. This will warm up the oil and make it thinner and easier to pump. This pump works well in some cars, depending on whether the small hose actually fits down the dipstick tube. WARNING !. This pump runs off the battery so make sure the battery is fully charged before you begin. Do not start your engine while you are pumping the oil out, for obvious reasons !. Thanks for watching, please comment, like and subscribe !. ~~~~ Part Links ~~~~ As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 🚗 Oil Extractor Pump ~ 🤍 Disclaimer: Screwsnutsandbolts is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 🤍amazon.com All of my uploaded material is protected under copyright law. None of my videos may be re-uploaded, reproduced or transmitted, in part or in full, in any form or by any means, without the written permission of the copyright holder. ©Youtube.com/Screwsnutsandbolts 2022 Read important information below: Disclaimer Under no circumstances will Screwsnutsandbolts be responsible or liable in any way for any content, including but not limited to, any errors or omissions in the content, or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of any content communicated in this video, whether by Screwsnutsandbolts or a third party. In no event shall Screwsnutsandbolts be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits arising out of or in connection with the availability, use or performance of any information communicated in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of Screwsnutsandbolts, it cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information. Screwsnutsandbolts assumes no liability for property damage or injury incurred as a result of any of the information contained in this video. Use this information at your own risk. Screwsnutsandbolts recommends safe practices when performing any do it yourself repairs and or with tools seen or implied in this video. Due to factors beyond the control of Screwsnutsandbolts, no information contained in this video shall create any expressed or implied warranty or guarantee of any particular result. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of these tools, equipment, or from the information contained in this video is the sole responsibility of the user and not Screwsnutsandbolts.

How To Change The Engine Oil With A 12V Pump Ultimate Speed UOP 12 C1


How to change engine oil yourself With A 12V Pump Ultimate speed oil pump UOP 12 C1 Follow TechGuru Andrew on social networks Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ►🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Amazon : 🤍 #TechGuruAndrew #UltimateSpeed #12VPumpUltimateSpeed #ChangeTheEngineOil #EngineOil

[EN] Bosch Rexroth: Crude Oil Pump R7


Secondary controlled drives for the oil land based industry. More information: 🤍

Changing Pressure Washer Pump Oil


I show you how easy it is to change pressure washer pump oil. My owner's manual said the pump oil would not need changing for the life of the pump. Given the look of the oil, it obviously needed changing. I measured what I drained as there was no information in the manual or on the pump. It needed 8 ounces to fill it.

Asia Oil Palm Farm and Harvest - Oil Palm Cultivation Technology


The oil palm is the most efficient oil crop in the world. The main palm oil producers in the world are Indonesia and Malaysia producing 85% of the world’s output. Palm oil is a multipurpose product. Besides it’s usage in the food-industry, palm oil is a constituent in washing powder, soaps, cosmetic products, candles, colours, lubricants and biofuel. The increase in global population and the use of palm oil for biofuel are two major reasons for maximising productivity. If you are the owner, send me a comment on the video. I will follow your request as soon as read. Thank you Thank For Watching Noal Farm For more Hot video Please Sub me Here: 🤍 And More playlist Noal Farm : 🤍 Noal Sea : 🤍 #noalfarm #noalharvesting #noalprocessing

Oil Pump (Tekkit/Feed The Beast) - Minecraft In Minutes


Build Demo starts at: 0:25. Pumps are used to collect Oil, water and lava, and transport it into tanks or directly into machines such as Combustion Engines or refineries . They were first introduced in Buildcraft version 2.2.0. Pumps require Stirling Engines or better to work properly, or a Redstone Engine to work at a reduced rate. Pumps are the only machines that can be powered by a single Redstone Engine. Pumps do not need Wooden Waterproof Pipes to receive liquid from them. They will send the liquid they collect straight through any Waterproof Pipes connected to them. You can hook up a pump over a large 1-deep pool of water and it will never run out. Pumps actually take from more than just directly around them, so when pumping oil that is surrounded by water, it is wise to have two tanks, (one for oil, one for water) or the water will get stuck in the pipe and no more oil will be able to be pumped. Another method of seperating the water and oil involves building a wall of gravel/sand. Use a Lily Pad to drop sand/gravel around the main oil spout, cutting off the water. This method is perhaps best for oil deposits at sea as without doing so the pump will extract a very large quantity of water (likely filling any secondary water tanks, stopping oil extraction) and leave a big hole in the sea. Buildcraft tutorials in minutes.

VACCUM PUMP OIL DRAIN AND Refilling, make the life of the pump good,


how to change oil in vacuum pump, how to drain vacuum pump oil ,how to refill oil. Kinetic pumps do not typically have sealed volumes but can achieve high compression ratios at low pressures. Positive displacement transfer pumps work by mechanically trapping a volume of gas and moving it through the pump. ... Capture pumps operate by capturing the gas molecules on surfaces within the vacuum system.

Oil Extractor Car Oil Change


YaeTek Oil Extractor 🤍 Others 🤍 Camera Gear Used: 🤍 All the Auto Detailing Equipment I Use: 🤍 Blog Writeup: 🤍 Want to support my work? Consider visiting my website and buying "Absolutely Nothing" 🤍 or Become a Patron! 🤍 or 🤍 or Just shop on Amazon via this link! 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Official Merchandise - 🤍 All the Gear I Use: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Main Photography Camera - 🤍 Main Videography Camera - 🤍 Most Used Lens - 🤍 Wide Angle Lens - 🤍 Wireless Mic - 🤍 On Camera Mic - 🤍 Video Head - 🤍 Tripod Legs - 🤍

How To Do The EASIEST Oil Change ($20 Extractor Pump demo on Mercedes C250)


Hate doing messy oil changes? This $20 oil pump extractor on Amazon claims to make oil changes easy and less messy, but does it really work? In this video, I'll show you how to use an oil extractor to change your oil and let you know if this cheap product really works. For more DIY content, check out 🤍. See below for more videos and links to products: Cheap Amazon Oil Pump Extractor: 🤍 Tekton Torque Wrench: 🤍 Reusable Oil Container: 🤍 Oil Funnel: 🤍 Check out my other videos: - Porsche 911 Buyer's Guide Series: 🤍 - Porsche 911 Ownership Videos - 🤍 - Car Discussions & Advice Videos: 🤍 - Product Reviews & Tutorials: 🤍 - Porsche Cayenne Turbo Ownership Videos: 🤍 - Car Detailing & Paint Care Videos: 🤍 Subscribe to CarFanatic for weekly Porsche & sports car videos! 🤍 Camera Equipment Used: - GoPro Hero Black: 🤍 - Rode VideoMicro Mic: 🤍



Round Mountain Road, Tupman Road, Highway 33, 7th Standard Road. California, October / November 2009. Copyright 2009 Hamish Reid.

how to check your car oil pump bodgit and leggit garage


business and permissions inquires bodgitandleggit🤍gmail.com bodgit and leggit garage tips and tricks inside this video hopefully help you don't forget get your hands dirty this video look at how to check your car oil pump for signs of wear and also how to check the tolerances

2020 Harley-Davidson M8 Oil Pump Updates 'Cause S$#! CHANGED! | Shop Talk Episode 35


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How an engine oil pump works. ✔


This video explained how an engine oil pump works. This video was taken while assembling a diesel engine, engine oil pump is a rotor type pump. Similar and related topics of this video. How an engine oil pump works working of an engine oil pump explained what type of pump is used as engine oil pump rotor type engine oil pump engine oil pump with internal and external gears where does an engine oil pump gets its drive engine oil pump driving and driven gears lobes of an engine oil pump where does and engine oil pump installed engine oil pump mounting engine oil pump slot engine oil pump inlet and out let engine oil pump relief valve engine oil pump drive gear where does engine oil pump gets its drive why an engine oil pump used purpose of an engine oil pump function of an engine oil pump relevance of an engine oil pump why engine oil is pumped how engine oil is pumped why engine oil is pumped how engine oil pump lubricates and engine how engine oil pump cools and engine how engine oil is pumped how engine oil pump created pressure where does engine oil pump gets oil engine oil pump mounted to engine block Our Blog. 🤍 Plz Join Our Face Book Page. 🤍

How does a gear pump work?


In a gear pump, the meshing of gears is used to pump fluid. How do external and internal gear pumps work? What problems can occur during gear pump operation?

Sucker Rod Pump - Oil and Gas


Welcome to the first episode of our new channel Petro learn. This episode is a simplified demonstration of the conventional sucker rod pump.

Build An Awesome Oil Pump… (That Actually Works!) – Realistic Scenery Vol.28


Working animations on a layout are an absolute crowd pleaser and this tiny HO scale oil pump is no exception! When you see this actually turning on a model train layout it will immediately grab your attention. Even more so if you have painted and weathered it to be as realistic as you can get it. This is a Walther’s Kit and a perfect kit for anyone who is just getting started in creating simple yet extremely effective animations for you model train layout. From a novice to a seasoned professional, everyone will have fun putting something like this together. Soundstripe Music: Clear Skies – CF1VZSPF2ACVEUHV Campsite Dream – 2AMKQATUPKWVTVWX New Leaf – GEMCXPTUAV7VHODQ Blank Canvas – ZDECMX7PLWXFRKG1 After The Rain - EAPYJG65HFPHTGN2

Oil pump for kitchen oil Extractor and hand oil pump Unboxing and demo | True Unboxing


🛍️oil pump 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 🤍 🙈🙉🙊Don't Forget to like & Subscribe..... Follow Me now on🚨 Instagram 📌🤍 Facebook 📌 🤍 ☎️For sponsorship & Business Enquiries.. ravichoudhary4635🤍gmail.com 📢Suggested video... Remote Control JCB Toy Unboxing 🤍 Dancing Cactus Talking Toy 🤍 Rc helicopter with gravity sensor 🤍 Rc Mini Quadcopter 360 Degree Rotate 🤍 Rc Crawler Monster Truck Rock Climber 🤍 📒Your Searching oil pump oil pump kitchen oil extractor oil pump and review hand oil pump 🎭 Thank You For watching🕐 🗝️#TrueUnboxing_#RaviChoudhary

Rebuild Your Bijur Oil Pump - Haas Automation Service


The Bijur oil pump on your Haas mill is a very important component when it comes to providing lubrication to your hard working machine. Orville walks us through rebuilding this crucial assembly. It's a good idea to check out the condition of the oil in your pump's reservoir anytime you are adding oil to fill the reservoir. If there is any sign of sludge or contamination then it's time to clean the entire tank out as well as any other components that might be contaminated. And if your machine is more than a few years old, it's also a great idea to consider doing a full rebuild on the pump. It's easy and it's good insurance for such a critical part of the spindle lubrication system. NOTE: These instructional videos show procedures that should be performed only by trained service technicians. If you don’t have the proper training you could injure yourself or damage your machine. If have any additional questions regarding the steps outlined in this video, please contact your local HFO: 🤍 Don’t miss any Haas videos. Click here (🤍 to join our email list! If you enjoyed this video, please hit the like button and share it with a friend who’ll find it helpful . . . and thanks! Follow Haas: Facebook – 🤍 Instagram – 🤍 Twitter – 🤍 LinkedIn - 🤍

Oil pulling pump testing || Funny & unique pump


this is an oil pulling pump. you can easily pull oil from canister and get it into a vessel. oil will not drop on the floor and your hands will remain clean while using oil pump. you can get it on meesho. Thank you also watch: holiday on rainy day. (funny video) 🤍



In this video, you will learn 4 symptoms of a bad oil pump. Watching this video will help you diagnose to see if it is time to replace your bad oil pump. You will also learn how an oil pump works. You might be experiencing a check engine light, oil gauge on low pressure, engine noise, and a no start. An engine code you might retrieve is P0524. Thank you for watching! 🔥 If you want to support the channel, check out EasyAutoFix merchandise linked below! 🤍 🔥OBD2 Scanner I use to help me diagnose and retrieve codes: 🤍 🔥 Items you might be interested in 🤍 [OBD Scanner] SAVE 45% with promo code 45ZE5K7C at checkout! 🤍 [Tools] 🤍 [Car Vacuum] 🤍 [Cleaning Tools] 🤍 [2-IN-1 Water Repellency Wiper Blade] 🤍 [Cleaning Gel For Cars] 🤍 [Portable Air Pump for Car Tires] 🤍 [Ceramic Headlight Restoration Kit] 🤍 [Amp Jump Starter] #OILPUMP #OILPUMPSYMPTOMS #BADOILPUMP Search terms and questions you might be thinking related to a bad oil pump are: What are the symptoms of a bad oil pump? What are the symptoms of an oil pump? What are the symptoms of a failing oil pump? What does an oil pump do? Why does my car have a check engine light? Where is the oil pump located? How does an oil pump work? What is the purpose of an oil pump? Symptoms of a bad oil pump signs of a bad oil pump oil pump symptoms how to diagnose a bad oil pump? oil pump engine oil light on ⚠ DISCLAIMER: Any information provided in this video is intended to educate the viewer on how to repair cars. EasyAutoFix shall not be liable under any circumstances in case of any injury, damage, or any other accident that may occur. By watching this video, you agree to comply with the disclaimer. EasyAutoFix earns from qualifying purchases as an Amazon associate.

VW Polo 1.4TDI oil-pump timing !!


Volkswagen polo 1.4tdi crankshaft balancer timing very important.

Oliepomp vervangen | GY6 motorblok


Link naar Oliepomp: 🤍 In deze video laten wij stap-voor-stap zien hoe je zelf de oliepomp vervangt van een Gy6 / China motorblok. Tip: zet de ondertiteling aan! Gereedschap: - Vliegwieltrekker: 🤍 - Hamer plastic: 🤍 - Ratelset: 🤍 #Gy6 #chinascooter #DIY

Kya aapko Pata Hai oil pump Se Kya !


Instagram -🤍 🤍 Affiliate 🤍 Aayami Tyre Tube Guard for Tube Tyre 🤍 850 🤍 Resqtech Micro Tyre Inflator 🤍 Self Bearing 🤍 Carburetor 🤍 Oil 15W-50 🤍 Spark Plug 🤍 Body Bike Cover 🤍 Air Filter 🤍 Trip Machine Company GPTN Grips 🤍 Bike Mobile Charger & Phone 🤍 Handlebar 🤍 How to install ABS in Royal Enfield LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE Instagram -🤍 I Got A New Classic 500 Just A Week Ago. Till 250 Kms There Is No Problem At All. But After That The Bike Got Some Noise In Engine Like "Tik Tik Tik Tik" Whild In Driving Position As Well As Standing Position.. Its Like Some Metal Is Touching With Crank Or Anything Constantly After Some Microsecond Intervel. I Love My Bike So Much,So I Requesr RE To Give Me A Correct Solution. -हमारे वीडियोस ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा शेयर करें। सिर्फ अपना सपोर्ट दें और इस नेक काम में हमारे साथी और सहभागी बने। धन्यवाद LIKE aur SHARE karna mat bhoolna. Subscribe karne se anand ki anubhooti hogi HELP ME AND BUY FROM BELOW THESE LINKS(THANKS) AMAZON OFFER :🤍 GoPro Hero5 Black Action Camera, Black 🤍 GoPro AADBD-001 Dual Battery Charger with Battery for HERO5 BlackHI FRIENDS, I HAVE THE SAME ISSUE WITH MY TB 350 CC. I HAVE COMPLETED MY 3RD SERVICE AND REPEATEDLY COMPLAINED ABOUT THIS ISSUE TO THE SERVICE STATION CVS BANGALORE, EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY HAVE GIVEN THE BIKE WITH THE SAME PROBLEM, THEY TELL ME THERE IS NO ISSUE, I HAVE CHECKED IT BLAH BLABH...BUT IT FEELS REALLY BAD THAT I AM BEING TAKEN FOR A RIDE BY THESE GUYS...AFTER A 8 MONTH WAITING TIME, THESE TRIPS TO THE SERVICE CENTER HAS REALLY LEFT ME LOW..,..I SOME TIMES REGRET BUYING A ROYAL ENFIELD BIKE...I WILL ASK HIM AGAIN TO LOOK INTO THE "AUTO DECOMPRESSOR PIN" AND GIVE IT ONE MORE ATTEMPT.. 🤍 Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone with Rycote Lyre Shock Mount, Black 🤍 SORELLA'Z Portable Mini 3.5mm Tie Lapel Lavalier Clip Microphone for Lectures Teaching 🤍 Segolike Aluminium Skeleton Thick Solid Protective Housing Case Cage for GoPro5 Black 🤍 DJI Osmo Mobile Handheld Stabilized Gimbal 🤍 Backpack for DJI Quadcopter Drones Phantom 3 Pro Phantom 3 Advanced Phantom 1 Phantom 2 Vision Phantom 2 Vision+ Phantom 2 + Gimbal or Phantom FC40 Fits Extra Accessories GoPro Cameras 🤍 😉🤍 1683243218661498/ ।monu sagar🤍 🤍 Official YouTube Channel of Royal Enfield tips & trick Subscribe for video updates 🤍 monu's Amazon.in 9456159027 monu sagar SUBSCRIBE NOW FOR MORE VIDEO HELP ME AND BUY FROM BELOW THESE LINKS(THANKS) AMAZON OFFER :🤍 BIKZ MART BRASS ACCESSORIES KIT FOR ROYAL ENFIELD BULLET 🤍 Autosol ASL_POL Metal Polish 🤍 Light Grill for Royal Enfield Classic 350 🤍 Seat Cover for Royal Enfield Classic 350 (Black) 🤍 Crash Guard For Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350 🤍 Short Bottel Free Flow Silencer 🤍 Customised Punjab Silencer/Exhaust for Royal Enfield Bullet Standard 🤍 Crash Guard 3 ROD Royal Enfield 🤍 royal enfield 1st service, royal enfield full service, royal enfield service, royal enfield service book, royal enfield service centre, royal enfield service complaint, royal enfield service cost, royal enfield service time, royal enfield service training, royal enfield service videos NEW ROYAL ENFIELD 22 LITERS BLACK TANK WITH BRASS KNEE PAD AND TANK DECAL BADGE 🤍 NEW ROYAL ENFIELD BRASS BRASS ENGRAVED FRONT & REAR MUDGUARD 350CC 🤍 ROYAL ENFIELD CLASSIC 350 ELECTRA STANDARD 22 LITERS DESERT STROM TANK 🤍 NEW ROYAL ENFIELD BRASS BRASS ENGRAVED FRONT & REAR MUDGUARD 350CC 🤍

Roughneck Lube Transfer Oil Pump - 13 GPM, 115V


High-volume, high-pressure Roughneck(R) 115V electric lube transfer pump is ideal for pumping high-viscosity oil. The 2 HP IP55 protection class motor delivers a flow rate of 13 GPM at up to 145 PSI.

How to make a water, oil, petrol (any liquid) transfer pump | 100% worked | Awesome idea | DesiJugad


How to make a water, oil, petrol (any liquid) transfer pump || 100% worked || Awesome idea || DesiJugad || BBMW MECHANICAL GURU Hi, I am Honey Maine, welcome to my YouTube channel, BBMW MECHANICAL GURU ABOUT THIS VIDEO, this video from BBMW MECHANICAL GURU In this video, I will show you how can you make a water, oil, petrol transfer pump using waste plastic bottle and pipe at home. This water, oil petrol pump is very easy to make and use, just follow the steps as shown in the video. This mini water, oil, petrol pump is made with simple waste material that are easily available at everyone's Home. Things You Need, 1- waste plastic bottle 2- plastic pipe Friends, Genius idea for making water transfer pump At home. Amazing Handmade idea, invention new craft idea, tool for your workshop, Awesome tool idea, new invention idea, how to make a water, oil, petrol transfer pump at home. Unique invention, new craft idea, DIY tools hack for your workshop. Best transfer pump tool idea. I Hope You Enjoy This Video. Thank you so much for watching this video. Before leaving, please hit the like 👍button, comment✉ in the comment section and don't forget to subscribe🔴 my YouTube channel. Keep watching!! Keep supporting!! For more videos, 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 For any queries to contact: Bababalakmw🤍gmail.com ABOUT THIS CHANNEL, hey everyone, this is my YouTube channel BBMW MECHANICAL GURU. We are sharing surprising, interesting, creative design, art and technology videos. We are uploading interesting videos every week. Our channel including for guiding videos. - Life Hacks - DIY Projects - How To Make - New and Awesome ideas - Homemade Tools - Tips and Tricks - Experiment videos - Unique Invention - Genius idea - Amazing Tool - New Craft - Handmade Tool - Desi Jugad -BBMW MECHANICAL GURU etc MY ANOTHER CHANNEL, MULTI TECH HINDI Here u get link. 🤍 🤍 🤍 #HowToMakeAOilPump, #HowToMakeAPetrolPump, #TankMesePaniKeseNikale, #TankMeSePetrolKeseNikale, #TankMeSeOilKeseNikale, #DIYwaterPump, #DIYoilPump, #DIYpetrolPump, #OilTransferPump, #WaterTransferPump, #PetrolTransferPump, #WaterTurbine, #MiniWaterPump, #BestOutWaste, #SimpleTransferPump,#HowToRemovePetrolFromFuelTankInEasyWay,#AmazingTool, #HandMade, #TopGeniusTool, #DesiJugad, #DIY, #Tool, #DIYTool, #Hack, #Craft, #Ideas, #ExperimentVideos, #HandMadeTool, #UniqueVideos, #HomemadeTools, #TipsAndTricks, #HowToMake, #NewAndAwesomeIdea, #LifeHacks, #DIYProjects, #BBMWmechanicalGuru,

Cutting Oil Pump from old Coffee Maker (genius or stupid idea?)


okay, ever wished you had a automatic cutting oil pump on your drill press? yeah, me too! this is my attempt to make one from scraps.... visit my shop: 🤍 If you like what i do you can support me at 🤍 For more Infos visit 🤍 🤍 🤍 The brands and friends I work with 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

1950's Vintage Total Hand Crank Oil Pump Restoration.


Hello Gentlemen, this is a 1950's Vintage Total Hand Crank Oil Pump I recently won at an auction and restored to fully functional showroom condition. I have done a test at the end to show how it works. I hope you enjoy the video. If you have any suggestions for improvement, or compliments share them below! #ASMR #RestorationASMR #ASMRRestoration

Old Gear Oil Pump Restoration - BAELZ 6G


Welcome to another long overdue Really Random production. I hope you enjoy this jumbo episode. More details below. In this episode i am restoring a Baelz oil pump bucket i found at a car boot sale. After purchasing it and having it make an unholy mess in my car its finally in the workshop and ready to be revived! The initial inspection revealed all was good with the pumping mechanism it moved freely and smoothly and hold pressure so the decision was made at that point not to disturb the pump as there are no serviceable parts in there and its all working so why go looking for trouble? The bucket and hose were another story though, The bucket was badly dented and pitted and the hose was quite clearly non original and cracking and the nozzle was just a piece of 15mm copper pipe bent at a 90. First job i tackled was stripping the item down into its individual components. After this was done i headed over to the sand blaster where all of the original paint and rust were stripped off the bucket leaving perfectly clean steel for me to work with. Instead of using the PDR rods to massage the dents out i thought id give the glue pulling technique a go. It worked quite well the dents came out most of the way requiring only a thin layer of filler to smooth out the surface the rest of the way. Once happy with the surface i moved onto fixing the mounting tab for the filler lid, as you can see in the video the top part is missing so i used a copper plate as a backing and mig welded in the missing steel then ground it back and filed it all into shape to match the other tab. The it was simply a case of refitting the lid and replicating the blob of weld that was there before. Mission accomplished id say. I gave the base a good coat of Hydrate 80 to keep the rust at bay seeing as this area is a prime target for moisture accumulation. Once 3 layers of high build primer were applied and cured i wet flatted the surface back to remove defects and prepare it for accepting base coat. The first layer is white, then the stenciling is applied then green, then some of the stencil is removed to reveal the logo then red applied. At this point i jumped across and started working on the pump and base of the bucket. The pump was stripped the old fashioned messy way so as not to introduce any blast media into the pump cylinder and the rest of the parts were blasted after being given a thorough wash in the parts washer of course. Once they were all stripped they were given the same treatment as the bucket etch primed, high build primed, then base coated. once a bit of detailing was added by hand all the parts were given a hefty coat of clear and left to cure. The old perished rubber hose was replaced with a new braided vintage style hose and a new brass tap and nozzle were constructed to try and replicate the original which you cant buy anymore. once all of that was fabricated all nuts bolts screws and washers were all polished up and ready for installing. Assembly was pretty much the reversal of disassembly except for the addition of new gaskets. If you like what you see and have any ideas for the channel or would even like to donate something to restore to the channel please get in touch. :) And as usual if you liked the video please like share and subscribe and help the channel grow. #Restoration #vintage#subscribe Really Random Channel C90 RESTORATION -🤍 Patreon Page -🤍 Old Gear Oil Pump Restoration - BAELZ 6G

How to Make Oil Transfer Pump


Hi guys it's really a great project you can make it your self at your home. Please like and subscribe my chanel. MY POPULAR VIDEOS, How to make cctv use android phone link:🤍 How to make stylus pen without water link:🤍 Automatic call recoder link:🤍 Secret video recorder link:🤍 Unlock phone pattern or password lock link:🤍

How to make Oil Pump at home।Oil Extractor & Fuel Transfer।Homemade oil pump


#oil pump #oilextractor #fueltransfer #homemadeoilpump Non Return Valve (Check Valve) Video Link 👇👇👇 🤍 See this video link for making non return valve (check valve) Only rupees 20/- hello friends As soon as I get 500 subscribers complete, I will bring you a special video for you. You will like the item which I will make in this video and that item which is not made by anyone in the whole world so please subscribe my channel for special video. Thanks to all

Oil pump


Pressure Washer Water Pump Oil Change


Doing a tune-up on our Honda 6.5 GX 200 pressure washer by changing the oil in the water pump & engine. Also, changing the spark plugs and cleaning the air box. Castro 10W-30 oil, throttle body cleaner, plug NGK B6ES 7432, SAE 30 non-detergent agent is what we'll be doing the tune-up with. Want to make sure it's a non-foaming/ non-detergent agent. The chemicals cause the oil to clean itself and water and foam cause problems when mixed improperly. We have the Karcher 2500 series pressure washer. Using an 18 mm wrench to loosen bolt in order to drain the oil. The sight glass helps you to see when it's all out. You can turn it on its side to drain more out and take the vent off the top. Remember to put the cap back on. The key is to fill it up level on the sight glass. Start up the engine to circulate it through and have to trigger pulled on the wand. Make sure it's still at level when it's operating. Fill to the dot on the sight glass. If it's too low it'll shut down. Cycle engine, prime the pump by pulling the string with no compression. Maintain it about every 3 months for the best performance. You get about 400 hrs on a pump. This one has 1200 hrs. It costs $600 to rebuild; so it's a good idea to maintain it. You can see the difference in the color of oil between the old and new. Please Rate, Comment, and last but not least, Subscribe!!! :) SCOTTYS 🤍 INSTAGRAM 🤍 SCOTTY'S DETAILING YOUTUBE CHANNEL 🤍 SCOTTY'S 2ND YOUTUBE CHANNEL THE SMD STUDIOS 🤍 SCOTTYS 🤍 LINKEDIN 🤍 SCOTTYS 🤍 FACEBOOK 🤍 SCOTTYS 🤍 TWITTER 🤍 ERIC THE CAR GUY 🤍 SCANNER DANNER 🤍 MIGHY CAR MODS 🤍

Oil pump for kitchen oil Extractor and hand oil pump unboxing. डिब्बे से तेल निकालने का तरीका#shorts


Oil pump for kitchen oil Extractor and hand oil pump unboxing | डिब्बे से तेल निकालने का तरीका 👉 oil pump खरीदने के लिए इस लिंक पर क्लिक करें | 🤍 Hi welcome to our YouTube channel technical balaji. Disclaimer- Some contents are used for educational purpose under fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under section107 of the copyright Act 1976, Allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism , Comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All credit for copyright material used in video goes to respected owner. thanks for watching my video please like, subscribe and share || comment thank you so much....#technicalbalaji #Oil_pump_for_kitchen #डिब्बे_से_तेल_निकालने_का_तरीका #youtube_shorts #youtube_feed

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