Keeley moon fuzz pedal

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Keeley Electronics Moon Op Amp Fuzz | Tone Report Demo


Fuzz lovers rejoice: Keeley has unveiled a brand-new pedal called the Moon Op Amp Fuzz. In partnership with The Guitar Store, watch along as Andy puts the pedal through the paces with both single-coils and humbuckers. Read more on Reverb and shop this exclusive stompbox: 🤍

Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz Pedal


Includes a paid promotion 🤍 The Moon Op Amp Fuzz is a supermassive destroyer, spinning galaxies of gain. Tidal wave bass response gives you tones heavy as gravity itself. The filter control offers an expanded range of usable tones and the filter switch gives you three distinct EQ phases: Scooped Mids 'classic', Flat EQ, or Full Range. Feed the Moon Op Amp Fuzz with your favorite drive pedals and unlock worlds of complex tones.

SO THICK | Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz


Get My FREE Guitar Tone Course: 🤍 Let's check out the brand new collab between The Guitar Store and Keeley Electronics, the Moon Op Amp Fuzz! Get It: 🤍 Time Stamps: 0:00 - Start 0:12 - Intro 0:36 - Disclosure 0:53 - The Story 1:27 - Features 1:47 - Full Mix Example 2:22 - It’s Quiet 2:56 - Playthrough 6:00 - Wrap Up Go Shopping ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ My Reverb Shop: 🤍 My Sweetwater Store: 🤍 Sweetwater Giveaway: 🤍 Socials ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ My Creators Course: 🤍 . Socials: 🤍 . Website: 🤍 . Fluff Merch: 🤍 . Patreon: My Patreon: 🤍 . Amazon Store: 🤍 My Camera Gear ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ The Camera Body: 🤍 The Lens: 🤍 The Tripod: 🤍 The Shotgun Mic: 🤍 *All Links Are Affiliate Links*

KEELEY MOON OPAMP FUZZ - Is this the HEAVIEST muff ever? I shoot out a pile of muffs to find out


MOON FUZZ: 🤍 Keeley has so much faith in the heavyness of their moon fuzz that they actually asked me to shoot it out against a bunch of other muff style fuzzes. Right off the bat it was clear that this is something very unique compared to other muffs, the low end thumps like the shockwave some sort accidental industrial explosion yet retains clarity. All the other Fuzzes: EHX: 🤍 Hizumitas: 🤍 Stoy: 🤍 Slice of Pie: 🤍 Caprid: 🤍 Mini Muff: 🤍 WARLOW: 🤍 * 60CH on Patreon: 🤍 Buy Something with our affiliate links: Buy a Shirt - 🤍 Sweetwater: 🤍 zZounds: 🤍 Thomann: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Perfect Circuit: 🤍 Ebay: 🤍 Reverb: 🤍 Cool Patch Cables: 🤍 + Social Media Stuff: Facebook: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Instagram and Twitter 🤍60cyclehum TikTok: 🤍 Hire us for Demos and other marketing opportunities 🤍 #60cyclehum #guitar #guitars #shameflute

Keeley Moon Fuzz Demo | First Look


Op-amp aggression that's easy to shape. More Keeley Gear: 🤍 Win Guitar Gear: 🤍 More First Look videos: 🤍 Subscribe to PG's Channel: 🤍 Don't Miss a Rundown: 🤍 Merch & Magazines: 🤍 PG's Facebook: 🤍 PG's Instagram: 🤍 PG's Twitter: 🤍 PG's TikTok: 🤍 *© Copyright Gearhead Communications LLC, 2022*

Keeley Electronics Moon Op Amp Fuzz pedal - Technical Demo


In this video, we run the all-new Moon Op Amp Fuzz through various settings and sounds. The Moon Op Amp Fuzz is available on Wednesday, April 20th exclusively through The Seattle Guitar Store Seattle via! Click here to buy now: 🤍 The Moon Op Amp Fuzz is a supermassive destroyer, spinning galaxies of gain. Tidal wave bass response gives you tones heavy as gravity itself. The filter control offers an expanded range of usable tones and the filter switch gives you three distinct EQ phases: Scooped Mids 'classic', Flat EQ, or Full Range. Feed the Moon Op Amp Fuzz with your favorite drive pedals and unlock worlds of complex tones. The Moon's massive sound is achieved with a quad op amp delivering four stages of gain and fuzz. This circuit has its roots in our popular Dark Side Workstation. In that design we tailored the tone and gain of the pedal to be a vintage sounding fuzz for lead work. We wanted to go 180 degrees in the other direction with the Moon’s tone. We set out to achieve infinite sounding dreamy deep fuzz. This is a punishingly heavy op amp fuzz designed to extend your guitar or bass frequencies as low as possible. This also means that your lead tones are as harmonically as rich as possible. So thick is the fuzz that your notes will rise and peak into brilliant feedback. Keeley's most lunar sounding pedal: Moon Op Amp Fuzz. Click here to learn more at our website: 🤍 Gear Used: Fender LTD ’64 Stratocaster Mesa Boogie Lonestar SM57 (No additional processing or effects were used for this video.) Be sure to subscribe to our official YouTube channel for fresh Keeley content! Search ‘Keeley Moon Fuzz’ on YouTube to see loads of great demo videos.

Robert Keeley - Moon Op Amp Fuzz


Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz The Moon Op Amp Fuzz has its origins in the Dark Side multi effect but is tweaked for a tone closer to the late 70s Op Amp Big Muff, with hints towards the 90s Sovtek Muffs. It's got a massive character, with tons of low end and gain. An additional three way toggle, allow for scooped, flat or boosted mid range. Keeley Electronics 🤍 In this video Guitar: Fender Stratocaster CIJ 54/65 with D Allen Voodoo 69 neck and middle pickups and Seymour Duncan SSL5 bridge pickup Amp - Reeves Custom 50, Blackstar S1 2x12 cabinet with Celestion V30 speakers Amp settings: normal channel 1:00, bright channel 10:00, bass 1:00, mids 1:30, treble 8:30, presence 11:00 Mic - Sennheiser e906 mic Contact: post🤍 Support the channel / Paypal: bjorn🤍 Follow 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz / EHX Op Amp Big Muff Pi Shoot-Out


Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz (2022) / Electro-Harmonix Op-Amp Big Muff Pi (2017) Shoot-Out! Checking out the awesome Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz (2022) and Electro-Harmonix Op-Amp Big Muff Pi (2017) Pedals start 🤍 1:22 0:00​​ - 0:22​​ - Intro Montage 0:22​​ - 1:21 - Pedal Description/ Format/ Gear Used Showcase Spotlight - (1:22 - 2:28 - Min To Max (2:29 - 3:55 - Nine Noon Three (3:56 - 5:52 - Tone Freestyle 5:53 - 6:48 - Outro Gear - '99 American Fender Stratocaster Fender Blues Jr. Keeley Electronics Moon Op Amp Fuzz (2022) Electro-Harmonix Op-Amp Big Muff Pi (2017) Shure SM58 Shure SM57 Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Title Song "End of the Party' by Duck Blood Brothers -🤍 Email - TheSoCalRiffRanch🤍

Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz


The Moon Op Amp Fuzz is a supermassive destroyer, spinning galaxies of gain. Tidal wave bass response gives you tones as heavy as gravity itself. Get one exclusively on Reverb: 🤍 The filter control offers an expanded range of usable tones and the filter switch gives you three distinct EQ phases: Scooped Mids 'classic', Flat EQ, or Full Range. Feed the Moon Op Amp Fuzz with your favorite drive pedals and unlock worlds of complex tones. 0:00 Intro 2:15 Controls overview 3:30 Pedal sounds - flat mode 9:07 Full mode 12:55 Scooped mode 14:22 Baritone 18:15 Final thoughts Intro contains vibes on "Flavor" by Maren Morris Support Get Offset by... Shopping on 🤍 Shopping on Sweetwater: 🤍 Shopping at Perfect Circuit: 🤍 Buying Seymour Duncan Pickups: 🤍 Subscribing on Patreon: 🤍 Trying out Coach Guitar Lessons: 🤍?ref=emilyharrys Shopping our Merch: 🤍 Saving 7% on Your DistroKid Account for the First Year: 🤍 Leaving us a review on iTunes: 🤍

Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz - Pedalboards of Doom


We have a Keeley EQD Sandwich today: Ler Bubble Tron Vid used: 🤍 Special Cranker Vid used: 🤍 Moon Op Amp Fuzz Vid used: 🤍 Don’t get left out of the conversation, head over to the PedalBoards Of Doom Facebook group, which is one of the largest guitar groups out there. Click the link below and get yourself in the amazing group: 🤍 Don’t forget also that we run a web store with all of the greatest guitar gear, with some industry titans such as ThorpyFX and Hotone to some amazing boutique builders like TateFX, Magnetic FX and many more. 🤍 We are also proud to be part of the Fret Talk Podcast, which every other week we do a live stream in the PBOD group, which you can chat to us in real time. Go check out the Fret Talk back catalogue here: Apple users (apple podcasts) 🤍 Others 🤍

Keeley - MOON op amp fuzz


🤍 This is NOT regular demo of MOON op amp fuzz, it's just a first take of this bad ass fuzz. We had to put it together with HELO Andy Timmons Dual Echo and it's awesome but when we add Lex to simulate Leslie cab it was out of space experience. Thank you KEELEY team ! To Support the Channel: 🤍 // ABOUT US \\ Mastermind behind everything at Pedals Fusion: Stevan Miljkovic Contact : pedals.fusion🤍 -// COLLABORATIONS \\ Guitar straps : STEYNER STRAPS 🤍 Cables: BULLET CABLE 🤍 Power Supply : YANKEE 🤍 -// FOLLOW US \\- ► Youtube 🤍 ► Facebook 🤍 ► Instagram 🤍 ► Twitter 🤍 🤍PedalsFusion #keeleyelectronics #fuzzpedal

Tales From the Andertons Pedal Cabinet | Episode 18 - World-Ending Fuzz!!


The Captain and Danish Pete are back with another episode of Tales From the Pedal Cabinet! The boys play with earth-shattering Fuzz pedals from Keeley Pedals, Pedal Pawn and more! | 🤍 » Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz Pedal | 🤍 » Pedal Pawn Limited Edition Fuzz Germanium Pedal | 🤍 » SolidGoldFX 76 MkII Multi-Voiced Silicon Octave-Up Fuzz Pedal | 🤍 » Mythos Positron Fuzz Pedal | 🤍 » Origin Effects M-EQ Driver Mid Booster & Drive Pedal | 🤍 » Caroline Guitar Company Arigato Analog Phaser Vibrato Pedal | 🤍 » Check out our Guitar Pedals | 🤍 » Check out our Fuzz Pedals | 🤍 » Check out our Overdrive and Distortion Pedals | 🤍 » Check out Pedal Pawn | 🤍 » Check out SolidGoldFX Pedals | 🤍 Always check the website for accurate and up-to-date pricing and product specifications! 🎥 If you live outside the UK check out this video on how to order from Andertons! » 🤍 🎁 Excited about the giveaway? Check out the Victory V4 Range now! » 🤍 ⏰ Timestamps ⏰ » 0:00 Welcome to Andertons TV! » 0:55 Tales From the Pedal Cabinet + TELEGRAM SCAM ALERT » 2:00 Moon Op Amp Fuzz - Keeley Pedals » 4:50 Limited Edition Germanium Fuzz - Pedal Pawn » 8:45 MkII Multi-Voiced Silicon Octave-Up '76' Fuzz - Solid Gold Effects » 13:39 Positron Fuzz Pedal - Mythos Pedals » 16:35 M-EQ Driver Mid Booster & Drive - Origin Effects » 22:04 Arigato Phaser Vibrato - Caroline Effects » 25:19 INTO HYPERSPACE!! » 28:02 Thanks for Watching! 📱 Why not give us a follow on our social channels? » Instagram | 🤍 » Facebook | 🤍 » Twitter | 🤍 🎸 Want To Jam Along? Check out our Backing Tracks! » 🤍 👕 Buy A T-Shirt 👕 | 🤍 You've watched the videos & seen the store, now join the Andertons Family with our exclusive, official merchandise! With free UK delivery on all orders containing only a T-Shirt, Hoodie or Jumper & super low international shipping costs, there is no better time to be an Andertons fan than now! Make sure to subscribe to Andertons TV for more great videos! Andertons Guitar & Bass YouTube Channel: 🤍 Andertons Synths, Keys & Tech YouTube Channel: 🤍 Andertons Drummers YouTube Channel: 🤍 Andertons Shopping Website: 🤍 #Andertons #pedalpawn #guitarpedals

[EffectorTimes 899회] Keeley 이펙터 Moon Op Amp Fuzz


SOUTH KOREA GEARS VARIETY SHOW!! -상품 바로가기 🤍 -버즈비 TV 블로그가기 🤍 -버즈비 TV 바로가기 🤍 -기탐 페이스북가기 🤍

Keeley | Moon Op Amp Fuzz | 3 Distinct EQ Profiles


The Moon Op Amp Fuzz is a supermassive destroyer, spinning galaxies of gain. Tidal wave bass response gives you tones heavy as gravity itself. Shop the Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz with Gsus4 now: 🤍

It Glows!! - Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz - Unboxing


#keeley #fuzzpedal #guitar #smashingpumkins #billycorgan #guitarpedals #glowinthedark #moon

Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz demo Feat. Dereck Tabata


The Guitar Store at Quimper Sound Records has teamed up with Robert Keeley to offer our exclusive Moon Fuzz pedal. It started out with the Fuzz side of the classic Keeley Darkside pedal in mind then became it’s own thing. A dark thing with thick gain staging and versatility to play with either single coil or dual coil guitars. A real unique fuzz with a silent noise floor. Amazing! Pick one up at 🤍

Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz | Bass VI Demo


Killer op amp big muff! Instagram: wattershed_demos Contact: wattershedgeardemos🤍

Jackson Audio | 1484 TWIN TWELVE Pedal into the Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz Pedal


Jackson Audio have made history once again by recreating the legendary Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve Amplifier but this time in pedal form. 🤍

Keeley Electronics MOON Op Amp Fuzz + Bass 001 - #shorts


#shorts A thick and harmonic setting for bass.

Keeley | Moon Op Amp Fuzz | Based on the Dark Side Circuit


Feed the Moon Op Amp Fuzz with your favourite drive pedals and unlock worlds of complex tones. Shop the Keeley Moon Op Amp Fuzz with Gsus4 now: 🤍

Keeley Moon Fuzz Bass Demo


David Maynor does a demo of the Keeley Moon Fuzz on his Skjold 6 string bass guitar.

The Pedal EVERYONE Is Talking About


Check out the Lesson in the Masterclass for FREE! 1️⃣ Simply go to: 🤍 2️⃣ Sign up for the 14-Day Free Trial (Cancel anytime if it's not for you) 3️⃣ Go to: Lead Guitar/Melodic Soloing And Solo Psychology 4️⃣ Search for: Soloing In A Dorian (w/Downloads) 🎸If you haven't had a chance to check out the Masterclass recently, it is now over 1800 videos (more than 150 hours!) —— ✅Check out some of my FAVORITE GEAR on Sweetwater Super Sweet Boost: 🤍 Boss GE-7 EQ Pedal: 🤍 MXR M300 Digital Reverb: 🤍 Dunlop Volume Pedal: 🤍 Voodoo Lab Dingbat Pedalboard PX Package: 🤍 Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 PLUS: 🤍 Truetone 1 SPOT Slim 9V DC Adapter: 🤍 Everyone needs PICKS! Check these out: Dunlop Tortex Sharp: 🤍 Dunlop Tortex Standard: 🤍 Dunlop Nylon Max-Grip: 🤍 00:00 Hi, I bought a Fuzz 00:18 Right Fuzz, Single Coil 00:34 Guitar Volume! 00:49 No Fuzz 01:13 Fuzz with Variation 02:08 Let's Play Music 03:15 Masterclass 03:35 Satisfaction 04:01 Foxy Lady 04:39 Foxy Lady 2 05:02 Stacked Drives 05:57 Gilmour 06:30 Tyler Larson pt.2 07:34 Tyler Larson pt.3 08:38 Tyler Larson pt.4 09:10 Thanks for Watching

4 Op-Amp Big Muff Pedals (EHX, Wren and Cuff, Greer, Keeley)


A thorough comparison of four 'remakes' of the Electro-Harmonix Version 4 'Op-Amp' Big Muff, which EHX released in the late 1970s with the previous versions' transistors replaced with op-amps or 'integrated circuits'. Not a popular pedal at the time, it re-emerged in the 1990s off the back of its extensive use by the Smashing Pumpkins on 'Siamese Dream' and other recordings. Various boutique pedal manufacturers have released clones in an effort to sell to people who can't afford to pay the high prices for the original, and in 2018 Electro-Harmonix released their own reissue in 'nano' pedal size. Electro-Harmonix OpAmp Big Muff Pi Reissue 🤍 Greer Amps TarPit Integrated Circuit Fuzz Machine 🤍 Keeley Electronics Rotten Apple Fuzz 🤍 Wren and Cuff Eye See '78 (also called the 'Eye See Pi' in earlier versions) 🤍 Gear: Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster (middle position - both pickups) EHX 720 looper Boss Katana 50w amp (Clean channel) mic'd with a Sennheiser e609 into a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Recorded in GarageBand, edited in Final Cut Pro X

My Favorite Keeley Pedals


This week is basically a love letter from Josh Scott to Robert Keeley, but it's (slightly) less weird than it sounds. Basically, Josh and Nick play their favorite Keeley pedals, and the results are fantastic. Notice we didn't say "the best Keeley pedals," because then they would have played all of them. Check out more from Keeley Electronics: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 JHS Fresh Clips: 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:25 Who is Robert Keeley? 0:53 Super Phat Mod & Caverns 3:21 "Generic 90s Radio Hit" 4:28 Oxblood 5:26 "Clown Jazz" 7:08 DynaTrem 8:10 "Sneaky Gator" 9:29 Fuzz Bender & Magnetic Echo 10:54 "Sonar, So Good" 11:41 Magnetic Echo & Germanium Super Phat Mod 12:59 "Sloppy Rock" 14:34 Tube Screamer Mod Plus & Java Boost 16:09 "We Buy Used Trucks" 16:52 Honorable Mentions 19:01 Record Time 20:11 Thanks For Watching! Gear in this Episode: Keeley Super Phat Mod Overdrive 🤍 Keeley Caverns Delay Reverb V2 🤍 Keeley Oxblood Overdrive/Distortion 🤍 Keeley DynaTrem Dynamic Tremolo 🤍 Keeley Fuzz Bender 🤍 Keeley Magnetic Echo Delay 🤍 Keeley Germanium Super Phat Mod Overdrive 🤍 Keeley TS808 Tube Screamer w/ Keeley Mod Plus 🤍 Keeley Java Boost 🤍 Keeley 30ms Automatic Double Tracker 🤍 Keeley Synth 1 Reverse Attack Fuzz Wave Generator 🤍 Keeley DS-9 Distortion 🤍 JHS / Keeley Electronics Steak and Eggs Overdrive Compressor Pedal 🤍 JHS "Loud Is More Good Amp" 🤍 Bilt Relevator Guitar 🤍 Record Time: Paul Gilbert - Werewolves of Portland 🤍 Josh’s record player is by U-Turn Audio: 🤍 Giveaway: CLOSED Shipping charges will apply for entries outside of the continental US YouTube Community Guidelines: 🤍 *This giveaway is not sponsored or endorsed by YouTube. By participating in this giveaway, YouTube is released from any and all liability related to this giveaway. YouTube Terms of Service: 🤍 The jams from this episode are on BandLab! Head over to the link below to jam with us, download the stems, and create your own samples from our sounds... or all of those things. 🤍 #jhs #thejhsshow

Keeley Rotten Apple Op-Amp Fuzz


Buy Now: 🤍 Welcome back to ProGuitarShop and Today, we're operating with the Rotten Apple, from Keeley Electronics. The Rotten Apple is a positively smashing distortion box, doling out gobs of thick and meaty gain that defines '90s alternative rock. After beginning its life as an op-amp Big Muff-style circuit, the Rotten Apple became something else entirely, giving you more of the good stuff with none of the bad parts. Not many Muff circuits out there are touch sensitive, but the Rotten Apple is, keeping some of its massive gain in its reserves until you can really dig in and unleash its inner rottenness. The articulation really plays well with the Gain control, which has a greatly expanded range. Cranking the Gain up all the way and abusing the strings unleashes a torrent of molten fuzz that will make your hair stand up on end. Keeley's crew scooped out all the harshness of traditional op-amp Muffs and replaced it with a more even-keeled EQ profile across a three-position toggle switch. This switch features Full, Flat and Scooped modes, giving a broad palette of fuzz tones. Within any Muff style pedal, the Tone control tends to be the weakest link, but it has been overhauled and designed around the distortion circuit of the Rotten Apple, for a smooth filtering that fits like a glove. The low-end of the Rotten Apple has been significantly increased, and is expertly tailored to not overload your amp with low end. And just like all Keeley's pedals, the Rotten Apple is grown right here in the USA.

Keeley Electronics Presents: Artist Series Celisse Monterey Fuzz Rotary Vibe - Demo


Click here for more info and to buy now: 🤍 Introducing our Artist Series, a new line of Custom Shop takes on our favorite Keeley pedals! Each of the Artist Series pedals will feature artwork from their associated artists, as well as an Artist Series bottom print. With the Keeley Monterey Workstation you take one step back in time and two steps forward. The Monterey is a surrealistic envelope of neo-vintage effects. It combines classic sounds with new interpretations to create a modern timbre and audio spectrum for guitarists. The Keeley Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe has a vintage fuzz, rotary speaker, vibe, harmonic and auto wah, an octave up or octave down, as well an expression control to allow you to create a rich array of new and newer sounds. There are two channels on the Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe, and these can be configured to give you five different sounds. Want more sounds? Well OK, turn the unit over and take the bottom off. There is a tiny DIP Switch that allows you to change the order of the Fuzz and Modulation effects! Yes, you can get some crazy noise by putting fuzz after modulation effects, but it works! And works well at giving you insane tones that are thick and full. Let your ears gaze at the strangeness. Alien amplitudes of gain and fuzz. Endlessly creative. The Monterey does not come with an expression pedal, as many players already have one they can use. We do offer the M-Audio expression pedal. It works well and is very reasonable. The Monterey is not battery powered. You will need a standard 9V 100mA supply, negative tip. The Monterey Rotary Fuzz Vibe comes in 12 different graphic designs. Just like music which can be surprisingly rewarding, you’ll be surprised with a design. We will not be able to select a specific pattern that you may want. It is wonderfully random. They are hand made with the intention of becoming your new favorite instrument. About Celisse: Celisse is a multitalented artist whose work spans myriad artistic disciplines and inspires all those who bear witness. She laid the roots of her career as a performer in Broadway’s Godspell and Wicked, and on television in 30 Rock and Rescue Me, among others. Since then, Celisse has established herself as a highly sought-after musician, supporting artists ranging from Lizzo (Saturday Night Live) to Jon Batiste (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Tiny Desk Concert) to Tiana Major9 (Afropunk). She is a member of Ghosts of the Forest with Trey Anastasio and has played alongside music legends Melissa Ethridge (Apollo Theatre) and Mariah Carey (Beacon Theatre). She has lent her musical talents to the choral arrangements for America’s Got Talent and is currently commissioned as composer and orchestrator of a brand-new Contemporary Opera for Catapult Opera. As a solo artist, Celisse played a 2019 headlining tour across Russia and is set to release a full-length album in the Fall of 2021. Her original music, powered by her soulful voice, is hard-rocking and blues-tinged, with hooks that are both infectious and incredibly moving. Video Credits: Patrick Churvis - Director Andrew Paslay - Camera Operator Gryphon Russell- Production Assistant

Keeley Electronics MOON Op Amp Fuzz + Bass 003 - #shorts


#shorts A third, slightly lower gain setting for bass.

Keeley Buck Moon Op Amp Fuzz Pedal Artwork by Timbul Cahyono


Acrylic on paper Timbul Cahyono 2023 web : 🤍 facebook : bvllmetalart bvllart instagram 🤍bvllmetalart Music by RomanSenykMusic from Pixabay

THE CHAMPION OF FUZZ | Keeley Fuzz Bender Demo & Review | Stompbox Saturday


THE CHAMPION OF FUZZ | Keeley Fuzz Bender Demo & Review | Stompbox Saturday JOIN THE CLUB! Subscribe today: 🤍 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL! Become a supporter on Patreon: 🤍 Browse my Reverb shop: 🤍 SKIP AHEAD WITH THESE TIMESTAMPS: 0:55 - Intro 2:00 - Controls & Features 3:56 - Using the BIAS Control 8:08 - Tone Shaping w/ the BASS & TREBLE Controls 12:08 - Favorite Setting #1 - Big & Full w/ LP Studio (Seymour Ducan Pickups) 13:32 - Favorite Setting #2 - Clean Up The Filth w/ Jennings Navigator 15:16 - Favorite Setting #3 - Cranked AF w/ LP Custom (EMG pickups) What's going on everybody?!? SeanPierceJohnson here and welcome to "Stompbox Saturday", the weekly pedal demo show of the latest, greatest and unique effects pedals in the world today. This week on the show is the one and only FUZZ BENDER by Keeley Electronics! I don't think I need to type a whole lot here because it is just AWESOME. Supremely saturated, spitty, large, sharp, fat...all those tones ARE HERE! #StompboxSaturday #pedaldemos #guitar - - - - - Hey everyone! My name is Sean Pierce Johnson and I'm the guitarist for the band Cockeyed Optimist. I love demoing effects pedals and all things related to making music. CLICK THE LINK TO SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: 🤍 TAKE A LISTEN TO MY MUSIC: 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram - 🤍seanpierceceo FOLLOW STOMPBOX SATURDAY ON INSTAGRAM FOR NEWS, DEMOS, YOUR PEDALS AND MORE: 🤍stompboxsaturday A SPECIAL THANKS TO MY FRIENDS AT: Orange Amps - 🤍 Sinasoid Cables - 🤍 Distortion Bros. Guitar Shop - 🤍

The BEST Pedal Of The YEAR?


🎸Click Here To Enter The Giveaway: 🤍 🎸The Masterclass is now over 1800 videos (more than 150 hours!) and there is a 14-Day free trial for you to see if it's right for you. 👉Click Here to get your free trial: 🤍 👉Click Here For The Halo Pedal🤍 🎸Andy Timmons Guitar Xperience: 🤍 🎸Floyd Rose Guitars and Bridges: 🤍 —— ✅Check out some of my FAVORITE GEAR on Sweetwater Super Sweet Boost: 🤍 Boss GE-7 EQ Pedal: 🤍 MXR M300 Digital Reverb: 🤍 Dunlop Volume Pedal: 🤍 Voodoo Lab Dingbat Pedalboard PX Package: 🤍 Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 PLUS: 🤍 Truetone 1 SPOT Slim 9V DC Adapter: 🤍 Everyone needs PICKS! Check these out: Dunlop Tortex Sharp: 🤍 Dunlop Tortex Standard: 🤍 Dunlop Nylon Max-Grip: 🤍 00:00 What? 00:17 That Pedal Show 00:34 That Timmons Performance 02:32 Keeley Halo Pedal 02:58 Halo Demo 03:58 Timmons Performance 2 04:40 Masterclass / Floyd Rose 05:01 Timmons Perf Break Down 06:52 Perf Break Down B 08:18 Thanks For Watching

Um MUFF mais versátil! Moon Op Amp Fuzz Keeley Electronics


Este vídeo é parte integrante do review do Moon Op Amp, fuzz da Keeley Electronics publicado no site Pedais & Efeitos. Link para o review: 🤍 Link para o nosso Clube de Vantagens: 🤍 Índice do Vídeo 00:00 - Abertura 00:10 - Introdução 00:58 - Controles 01:52 - Setup 02:08 - Sons 11:06 - Considerações Finais Guitarras: M. Zaganin Thinline Telecaster Amp: Mini 8 Sollo Amps Microfone: Shure SM57 🤍 🤍

A NEW LEVEL OF FILTH | Keeley Electronics Fuzz Bender


Get One Here: 🤍 THIS is a huge sounding fuzz. I had a lot of fun shooting this video... can you tell? Video edited by John Hollingworth #keeleyelectronics #fuzzbender #rabeaafro ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Feel free to read this ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Hey guys, I’m Rabea. I'm the lead guitarist in Toska, Frog Leap & Dorje where I write music, make songs and have a great time with my mates. I also have my own line of guitars with Chapman Guitars, and I’ve designed numerous products with some really cool companies, such as the Victory Amps VX Kraken. Anyway, i hope you enjoy my videos, thank you for watching! -// MY MUSIC \\ Rabea Massaad - Grinding Gears EP Bandcamp - 🤍 Spotify - 🤍 iTunes/AppleMusic - 🤍 Amazon Music - 🤍 Google Play - 🤍 Toska - 🤍 Frog Leap - 🤍 Dorje - 🤍 -// FOLLOW ME \\ YouTube - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 -// LEARN GUITAR \\ I've created a complete online guitar course with Musicisum - Sign up here: 🤍 Peace & Love

Recreating 5 Classic Fuzz Flavors with Modern Guitar Pedals | Reverb Tone Report


Vintage and boutique fuzz pedals are great, but they're no small investment. Andy has selected some of his favorite modern dirtboxes that'll fuzz you up without breaking the bank. Read more on Reverb: 🤍 Andy's Setup: Amp: Suhr Bella 1x12 Guitar: Redtail Custom T, G&L Legacy, Gibson Custom CME Les Paul Pedals: JHS Muffuletta, Keeley Fuzz Bender, Danelectro Eisenhower Fuzz, EQD Terminal, Dunlop Fuzz Face Mini Germanium Recording Gear: Universal Audio Apollo 8 QUAD, OX Amp Top Box Attenuator, Royer R-121 Strings: Ernie Ball Slinky 10-46

Fuzz-a-delic - Keeley Moon / Halo / Hydra / Sweet Spot - OBNE Minim - MXR Timmy - Harley Benton HB35


Hello my name is Matt. Welcome to PedalScapes, Season 5 Episode 8: Old Blood Noise Endeavors: Minim - Keeley Electronics: Moon / Halo / Hydra / Sweet Spot - MXR Timmy - Harley Benton HB35 Hollow body. Working Title: Dream. Here we have the first outing for the fuzz-a-delic Keeley Moon - Op Amp Fuzz - incorporating another outing for the OBNE Minim plus more Halo, aiming for the edge of the known sonic space / time continuum! The Moon has been an instant hit for Keeley providing perhaps the loudest, most gnarly fuzz pedal in the known universe! It seems perhaps they started out with something like the darkside fuzz and set the controls for the heart of a distant sun - this pedal is so loud it can be felt 2000 light years from home - and is said to have been picked up in the restaurant at the end of the universe! That said, both the level and fuzz are way down in this astral exploration - about as tame as it will go - but still it exudes a crushingly thick and gloriously sick fuzz tone... Moon is feeding into Timmy and then Timmy into the Sweet Spot - into the front end of the Laney Cub 12r as the gain stack for this scape. The wet section comprises a 2nd outing for the magnificent OBNE Minim - reverse/octave - reverb / delay. Minim feeds into the stereo section hitting first the heavenly Halo - (preset 8 here with the feedback maxed out) and the Hydra is always on (providing stereo goodness) with it's deliciously chewy harmonic tremolo. Later the reverb is engaged with shim (of course). Hope you enjoy the music/video. * User guide: With these longer soundscapes the first minute or so is usually a clean sound check before gradually building up to the ambient improvisation - please give it a chance to build up and breathe. It is recommended with these sonic explorations to have the video on in the background as more of a listening experience. But please do enjoy as you wish. For ultimate listening experience use headphones or monitors if possible. If you enjoy the music/video - please hit the thumbs up and subscribe / leave a comment... * Signal Chain: Harley Benton HB35 - Moon - Timmy - Sweet Spot - Laney Cub 12r input - speaker out - Two Notes Captor 8; - mic out - mic in ESI 1010 / Two Notes Captor 8 Line out - Minim - Halo - Hydra - Simplifier (stereo return in) / Stereo out - stereo line in ESI 1010. Warning! May contain improvisation, extended noodling and the odd mistake - proceed with caution.... Recorded with Cubase Camera: Pedalboard - HD Webcam / MEB - iPhone. Edited with: Openshot. Pedalboard: Vert Deluxe Limo by Marcus D'Luxe All Material © Matthew Elvis Brown 2023. #psychedelic #halo #moon

Billy Corgan's First Look at the Op Amp Big Muff from Electro-Harmonix | Reverb Interview


Shop the Op Amp Big Muff Reissue: 🤍 Shop vintage Op Amp Big Muffs: 🤍 Read Reverb's Big Muff Buying Guide: 🤍 Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan reflects on his first experience with the Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, and how he used the legendary fuzz to shape the sound of the Pumpkin's famed Siamese Dream. Today, he's discussing the much-anticipated release of the EHX Op Amp Big Muff.

Keeley Fuzz Bender | My New Favorite Fuzz


Demo of the Keeley Fuzz Bender The Fuzz Bender is available at Electric Mojo Guitars: 🤍 "The Keeley Fuzz Bender is a modern fuzz using a combination of high-gain silicon and silky smooth germanium transistors. What makes this fuzz better? An Active EQ! Using two gyrators as an active EQ gives you the ability to create massive fuzz tones not possible with typical square-wave boxes. Pummel your amp with over 20dB of boost/cut at 100Hz and 10K Hz! The Fuzz Bender is built around vintage Japanese germanium to create its monumental fuzz tones. With the all new Bias Control, you control the attack and decay of your notes. Anything from Fat Square Waves to Angular Fuzz to glitchy-Velcro attacks are possible with the Bias Control. " 🤍 🤍 Gear used: Fender Stratocaster American Standard 2012 Fender Princeton 65' Reverb Reissue Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Ableton Live 10 Shure SM 57

Keeley Psi Fuzz


Buy Now: 🤍 You just heard the Psi Fuzz, from Keeley Electronics. This op-amp/germanium hybrid fuzz pedal puts a distinctively Keeley-esque spin on the old Muff-style circuit, with enhanced mid-range, tighter bass, and a deliciously creamy character that only a germanium transistor can provide. The control layout consists of Voltage, Voice, and Cream knobs, which relate to volume, tone, and gain, respectively. With this simple set of controls you can dial in sounds that range from thick, fuzz-tinged drive and distortion, to molten sustain, to raspy, velcro-like rip. Other unique features of the Psi include a red LED that shows when the input is clipping, and stunning, hand-drawn, 60's-style psychedelic artwork by Erin Lofties. Like all Keeley Electronics pedals, the Psi Fuzz is made by hand, featuring only the finest components, in gorgeous Oklahoma, USA.​

Keeley Dark Side Guitar Effect Pedal - Does it sound like Pink Floyd?


Keeley Dark Side Guitar Effect Pedal - Does it sound like Pink Floyd David Gilmour? Get it on Amazon: 🤍 Gear: Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster 1954 60th Anniversary ErnieBall .010 Keeley Electronics Dark Side Eventide H9 Marshall 1970 Super Bass

Keeley Dark Side - Fuzz Test


The Fuzz side of the Keeley Dark Side is based on a heavily modded 1977 op-amp style circuit. In this video, we paired the Dark Side's three distinct fuzz voicings with three different guitars. 🤍 Also used in this video: TMG Dover (Single Coil) Schecter PT MM (Humbucker) Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster (Custom P90) Keeley Compressor GC-2 Limiting Amplifier Two Rock Studio 50/15 amplifier Shure Beta 57 Fat Head ribbon mic Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 audio interface

Trying a Keeley Super Phat Mod Overdrive pedal


You'd think this video would take 5 mins to film.... u r WRONG! my e string snapped just when i was about to play with the pedal lol Previous to this pedal i have been only using a ts9, and before i had that i was using effects in logic pro x. #shorts 18 years old

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